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'EastEnders' to air UNEXPECTED character recast in tonight's episodes

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EastEnders fans will see a new face arrive in Albert Square tonight. (Image credit: BBC)

Eagle-eyed EastEnders fans will notice one character looking a little different when they arrive on screen tonight (Thursday 1st July). 

The episode, which will be the second of two airing on BBC1 this evening, is already on BBC iPlayer as part of this week's EastEnders box set. 

Fans who have already seen the episode online might have noticed that Kat Moon's eldest son, Tommy, is has been recast and the new actor is seen on screen during a scene in the cafe with Kat and Phil Mitchell. 

Shay Crotty as Tommy Moon in EastEnders

Shay Crotty has played Tommy Moon in EastEnders since 2015.  (Image credit: BBC)

EastEnders' Tommy looks a little different 

The soap have confirmed that the pervious Tommy Moon actor Shay Crotty has departed EastEnders, with Sonny Kendall taking over the role as Kat and Alfie Moon's son.

But this isn't the first time that the character has been recast... in fact Sonny is the fourth actor to play the role over the years.

Tommy Moon EastEnders

Sonny's first scene as Tommy Moon are set to air tonight.  (Image credit: BBC)

Sonny's first scene sees him playing football in the cafe while Kat and Phil discuss their new laundrette and cab business venture. 

But it seems Tommy hasn't lost any of his cheekiness, because when Kat asks him to stop kicking the football about inside, he jokingly responds by asking his mum if she is being grouchy because she's hungover.

Often when a role is recast it is because there is a big new storyline coming for the character... but it remains to be seen what  plans EastEnders bosses have got for Tommy. 

With Kat and Phil getting on like a house on fire, could Tommy start to find himself getting up to mischief now he has been taken under the Mitchell patriarch's wing?

Sonny Kendall as Tommy Moon in EastEnders.

Sonny Kendall has taken over the role of Tommy Moon in EastEnders.  (Image credit: BBC)

Shay finished filming on EastEnders back in April, and at the time he bid farewell to the actors he had been working with since 2015 by paying tribute to them on his Instagram page.

Tagging his on-screen mum, Jessie Wallace, into his post, the young actor said: "We had such fun and laughs over the years! It was just a pleasure working with you and dad @theshanerichie," he wrote. 

"I learnt so much from you both and laughed so much! Best family on the Square #fact [You will] forever be my favourite on-screen mum and dad... no-one can ever take your places!"

EastEnders schedules have changed this week because of Euro 2020 - see our TV Guide for full listings. You can also watch all of this week’s episodes on BBC iPlayer now.