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Emmerdale boss confirms a Christmas BABY BOMBSHELL is heading to THIS village pair


Christmas is going to be far from quiet in Emmerdale this year...

It was the storyline that fans predicted weeks ago, but Emmerdale bosses have finally confirmed that David Metcalfe and Jacob Gallagher are set to discover a baby on their doorstep at Christmas.

While Emmerdale's executive producer, Jane Hudson, told press at a recent event in London that there would be a baby bombshell heading to David and Jacob, she was remaining frustratingly tight-lipped about whether the baby was in fact Maya's after viewers saw her released from prison recently with a huge baby bump.

Maya pregnant in Emmerdale

Maya was seen last month with a huge baby bump... suggesting the baby on David and Jacob's doorstep is likely to be hers (Picture: ITV)

But while all the signs are pointing at the baby being Maya's, Jane isn't confirming anything... "David and Jacob have been on such a journey. We got to a point where Jacob had started to move on and get his life back on track.

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"He's started to behave his age again, like a teenager, and David was getting back on track too. Life was good.

Leyla and David don't know how to prevent Jacob from waiting for Maya in Emmerdale

Jacob was just starting to put Maya behind him - and then a baby arrives! (Picture: ITV)

"They're having a nice Christmas and then all of a sudden there is a baby on the doorstep. It's not what they expected. It's going to have a massive effect when they find out who the father is... if it's Maya's baby!"

Fans will know that Maya was sleeping with both David and Jacob at the same time earlier this year as she dated David, while grooming his adoptive teenage son Jacob in a huge sexual abuse storyline.

But while the fallout of this baby storyline remains to be seen over Christmas, Jane also hinted that's not the only baby drama heading for the village... "Who's the daddy is being asked by David and Jacob, but also Jamie and Graham this Christmas.

Graham returns in Emmerdale

Is Graham going to find out if he is Millie's father at Christmas? (Picture: ITV)

"You will find out who the daddy is in one of those stories, but in the other you won't find out for a while. It's very exciting and it's very explosive."

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.