Emmerdale boss on Christmas flashback episode that reveals EXPLOSIVE Dingle secrets

Emmerdale producer Jane Hudson has revealed all on Cain and Chas Dingle's flashback episode. (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale boss Jane Hudson has revealed a flashback for Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) and Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) that will transport us to the 1990s to unearth the siblings' tumultuous family history.

The Dingles are currently falling apart in Emmerdale as Cain serves life in prison for the shooting of Al Chapman (Michael Wildman), which was actually committed by his son, Kyle Winchester (Huey Quinn). Meanwhile, Chas is grieving the death of her lover Al, who she was having an affair with.

Now, there's more chaos on its way for Cain and Chas as their secret brother Caleb Miligan (Will Ash) shows up wanting answers from Cain in prison.

The wealthy businessman is set to cause more conflict between Cain and Chas, as it's revealed that Cain has kept Caleb’s existence a secret from his sister since they were teenagers. 

Cain isn't pleased to see Caleb unexpectedly appear and we'll soon discover their backstory through a special episode that will rewind us back in time. 

Will Ash as Caleb Miligan and Jeff Hordley as Cain Dingle in Emmerdale

Cain's long-lost brother Caleb Miligan shows up in Emmerdale. (Image credit: ITV)

Talking to What To Watch, soap producer Jane has shared details of the flashback episode.

"When Caleb visits Cain in prison we will discover that Cain knew Caleb exists and he’s known about him for 30 years and on Boxing Day we will rewind to 1992 and we will discover how Cain and Caleb first met, why Cain then rejected him from his life and what was going on with Chas at that point," she said.

"We have three fantastic actors playing our young Cain, Caleb and Chas. Adrian the actor who plays Cain, he actually studied lots of footage of Jeff and his positions and his poses and how he speaks, and it’s incredible when you watch. 

"There’s one pose in particular when he leans against a wall and it’s like, "That’s Jeff!" it’s so bizarre. But it’s a brilliant rewind episode which will explain a lot about their family history."

Emmerdale week 50

Cain is currently serving time prison after he took the blame for shooting Al Chapman to save his son Kyle. (Image credit: ITV)

Cain is far from happy to be reunited with his long-lost brother — but could he be Cain's saviour?

She said: "As much as Cain wants Caleb to disappear for another 30 years, Caleb’s not going to have that, he wants to meet his sister Chas, he wants to meet the rest of his extended family and could he be the answer to all the Dingle’s prayers in regards to Cain being locked up? You’ll have to wait to find out that one. 

"Of course we all know that Cain didn’t do this murder, we know Kyle was responsible, and we probably all know that the worst place to keep a secret is in Emmerdale. So we will be waiting to see if that secret comes out and the consequences if that happens."

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