Emmerdale flashbacks will reveal the SHOCK moment Kyle killed Al Chapman

Cain Dingle and his son Kyle in Emmerdale
Emmerdale flashbacks expose Kyle as Al Chapman's killer. (Image credit: ITV)

In Friday's (November 4) Emmerdale episode, Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) dropped the huge bombshell to his wife, Moira Barton (Natalie J Robb) that it was actually his young son, Kyle (Huey Quinn) who killed Al Chapman (Michael Wildman).

Cain plead guilty in court for the crime, revealing the desperate lengths he would go to protect his boy.

Now, Emmerdale will air flashback scenes on Monday, November 7 which sees the harrowing moment 10-year-old Kyle delivered the fatal blow that ended Al's life.

Kyle and Cain relive the events of Al's murder and a devastated Moira sobs as Cain argues that he was doing what was necessary to protect his son.

Kyle crying

A crying Kyle can be seen in the flashback. (Image credit: ITV)

Moira struggles to cope with the heartbreaking news and as she fights back her tears, Moira reveals that the truth is worse than the lie.

Cain feels helpless as Moira finds it hard to keep it together and he's unsure whether he can trust Moira with the explosive secret.

Cain Dingle crouches over Al Chapman's body

Cain Dingle is willing to go to jail for murder to protect his son.  (Image credit: ITV)

Kyle's mum Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson) will also uncover the devastating secret that could change her and her son's life forever — will Amy eventually expose the truth of what really happened? Or will she follow Cain's lead and let him take the fall for the crime?

Natalie J Robb said of the revelation: "Moira is shocked to the core by Cain's confession. I think deep down she knew something wasn't quite right but she had no idea that Kyle had been involved in the shooting.

Moira Barton

Moira was rocked when Cain revealed the truth about Al's death.  (Image credit: ITV)

Amy Wyatt and her son Kyle

Amy Wyatt will also discover the truth about her son.  (Image credit: ITV)

"I think the audience will really sympathise with Moira's dilemma. She will do everything she can to keep her family together, Kyle may not be hers by blood but she sees him as her own. She has a lot of extremely difficult decisions to make," Natalie continues. 

“This is a fascinating story to play as so many twists and turns will cause a ripple effect on other characters in the village that are not yet aware of the true circumstances. As a mother and wife, Moira has such a turbulent time ahead which is great for an actress to get stuck into.”

The Emmerdale flashback scenes will air on Monday November 7 at 7.30pm on ITV.

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