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Emmerdale danger! Cain Dingle rescues drunk Moira reveals Natalie J Robb!

Moira Dingle, Natalie J Robb, Emmerdale
(Image credit: Andrew Boyce)

Emmerdale farmer Moira Dingle's drinking drives her to near-tragedy and Cain steps in to save her, Natalie J Robb talks to Soaplife…

Moira is struggling to cope… is that why she is drinking so much? “Moira is a mess. She is drinking to forget Holly’s death as it is still so raw for her.” How does she come to kiss Pete Barton? “She messes up a meeting with a buyer because she’s drunk and, afterwards, Pete offers her some words of comfort. The influence of alcohol plays a huge part in it, but she is also feeling lonely. She has lost Holly and Cain, but Pete is there for her.” But Pete’s girlfriend Leyla finds out about the kiss? “Moira clashes with Leyla in The Woolpack, Pete’s still trying to support her but Leyla thinks she needs to look after herself. Leyla finds out about the kiss with Pete and Moira recklessly heads out to the van.” Why is she getting behind the wheel if she’s drunk? “She doesn’t care about herself, the farm, anything…” And there is an accident? “Cain goes after her, but he is too late and she drives off. She is about to run over Jacob, but Pete sees, pushes him out of the way and gets knocked down himself. Pete is unconscious and taken to hospital. She feels incredibly guilty.” But Cain takes the blame when questions are asked. How does Moira react? “She’s shocked and appreciates it, but she pushes him away and tells him she doesn’t want his help.” Is there a chance Cain and Moira could get back together? “Moira still loves Cain, but she’s confused and lost and doesn’t know what she wants. She doesn’t feel like she can trust him again after Charity and she resents him for not supporting Holly.” Has Moira’s trauma taken its toll on you? “It has. I have a sty on my eye that’s still hanging around because of all the long hours, and crying.”