'Emmerdale' fans are at war over Meena DEATH twist!

Meena Emmerdale
Meena pulled through – but at what price? (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale's Meena plot took more twists and turns last night. But although it seemed at one point Meena was definitely a goner after Dr Liam pushed from the bridge, fans were shocked when she pulled through.

And while some were ecstatic, others were furious that Meena lived to kill another day – or at the very least make sure she puts Liam in the slammer!

Emmerdale Meena

Meena had a fall from grace. (Image credit: ITV)

After Meena kidnapping Billy and Dawn on their wedding day, then shooting Leyla when she tried to rescue them, it seemed Emmerdale had milked all the drama they could from plot.

However, things took another twist when a vengeful Liam caught up with the psychopathic killer and pushed her from the same bridge she had pushed his daughter Leanna from.

With Meena seemingly dead, Liam and Manpreet were left staring at her motionless body. As the police arrived, Manpreet warned Liam to insist the fall was an accident – that they fought and he was defending himself.

Emmerdale Liam and Meena

Manpreet and Liam cooked up a story. (Image credit: ITV)

As Meena was raced to hospital, Liam and Manpreet kept to their stories when the police interviewed them. The police seemed satisfied with Liam's version of events, and let them go.

Meanwhile, with Meena in intensive care, it seemed certain she wouldn't pull through. But this crazy cat definitely has more than nine lives – because minutes later she woke up!

Liam Emmerdale

I'm back! (Image credit: ITV)

And while some fans were delighted their favourite soap psycho lived again – one even comparing her to Michael Myers, the ever-resurrecting baddie of the Halloween films – others were furious about the twist, making it clear they thought the Meena plot was now being drawn out for far too long.

"The queen of mean could survive anything," crowed one Meena supporter.

A hater, however, took a different view. "Will you just kill her?" demanded one. "Mad Meena needs to end now."

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Emmerdale Liam

Arrested development for Liam (Image credit: ITV)

Later, fans were aghast when Liam was arrested, Meena having told the police the truth about her 'fall'. This left many convinced that Liam will end up in prison – and Meena will somehow find a way to escape justice.

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But by the end of Thursday's second episode, there was another twist, as Liam was freed. Meanwhile, Meena told once she was well enough to leave hospital, she'd be kept in police custody.

So, will the Meena haters out there finally get their wish – and will the villagers get justice for Meena's terrible crimes?

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