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Emmerdale fans BAFFLED after this MISTAKE causes mass confusion


It seems to get dark very quickly in Emmerdale...

Tonight's two episodes of Emmerdale have left fans confused as a continuity blunder leaves everyone questioning how it gets dark so quickly in the village.

Emmerdale fans were treated to their weekly double dose of the soap tonight, and the action-packed episodes left fans fearing the worst for Vanessa Woodfield as she found herself being taken hostage by Pierce Harris.

Emmerdale Vanessa and Pierce ITV

Vanessa was stunned when she came face-to-face with Pierce in broad daylight (Picture: ITV)

Viewers know that Pierce has been back in the village since killing Graham Foster in cold blood last month, and has been watching ex Rhona's every move since then.

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But while no one else in the village knew that Pierce was out of prison and creating a master plan to get Rhona back, Vanessa tonight came face-to-face with the killer - much to her horror.

But before Vanessa could tell anyone she had seen Pierce, he had snatched her son Johnny and lead them both into Laurel's empty house.

Emmerdale Vanessa and Pierce ITV

Pierce kidnapped Vanessa while it was still light outside (Picture: ITV)

But while Laurel is in Australia for Sandy's funeral, little does she know Pierce has been hiding out in her house, and now he's using it to keep Johnny and Vanessa hostage.

Emmerdale Vanessa and Pierce ITV

By the time Pierce had Vanessa tied up, it had turned dark (Picture: ITV)

However Eagle-eyed Emmerdale fans noticed that when Vanessa first saw Pierce it was not only broad daylight, but also the afternoon because she'd just collected Johnny early from nursery... but by the time they were in Laurel's house the village was in darkness...

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But the time of day was the least of Vanessa's problems when Pierce quickly took her phone from her before tying her up to Laurel's staircase while he locked Johnny in a bedroom upstairs.

However as unhinged Pierce revealed his deluded plan to try and win Rhona back, Vanessa quickly realised he was as unhinged as ever, especially when he dropped the shocking bombshell that he was the one who killed Graham.

Emmerdale Vanessa and Pierce ITV

Fans were baffled with how quickly it got dark in tonight's Emmerdale (Picture: ITV)

But with Vanessa now fearing for her life after the realisation that she was being held hostage by a killer dawned on her, how long will it take Charity to realise that her fiancée hasn't gone on their honeymoon alone like she suspects?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.