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Emmerdale spoilers! HORROR as Vanessa comes face-to-face with killer Pierce Harris!

Vanessa is blindsided in Emmerdale

Vanessa is horrified when Pierce Harris – who raped his ex-wife, her best friend Rhona (and secretly killed Graham Foster) – grabs her son Johnny!

Emmerdale's secret killer, Pierce Harris, springs out on Vanessa Woodfield and snatches her son in the first of Thursday's episodes on ITV from 7pm (see our TV Guide for full listings).

Vanessa (Michelle Hardwick) and fiancee Charity (Emma Atkins) are still arguing about the huge haul of cash they're harbouring. Charity and her son Ryan (James Moore) stole it from Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) the night he was killed, and Vanessa wants to tell her grieving best friend Rhona - and the police.

As the row between the couple rages, Charity guilt trips Vanessa by asking how she would feel about putting Ryan at risk of trouble with the law. Will Vanessa do the right thing by her moral compass… or will her heart win out?

All too soon, Vanessa's got a way bigger problem when Pierce Harris (Jonathan Wrather) appears! The vet is utterly aghast when Pierce – the man who was jailed for raping his then wife Rhona – looms into view with Johnny's football. Pierce then grabs Vanessa's young son…

Vanessa is blindsided in Emmerdale

Vanessa is blindsided when Pierce Harris, her best friend Rhona's ex-husband, the rapist, appears in Emmerdale

Elsewhere, Dawn (Olivia Bromley) warns her dad Will (Dean Andrews) to go the extra mile for Harriet (Katherine Dow Blyton) on Valentine's Day.