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Emmerdale fans call for THIS character to leave the village IMMEDIATELY

(Image credit: ITV)

Have Emmerdale fans have predicted the next twist in the Malone storyline?

Emmerdale fans are calling for Dawn Taylor to leave the village as soon as possible after tonight's episode saw her cracking under the pressure from killing DI Malone.

Viewers watched in horror last week as Dawn shot Malone in self defence, and now she and Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton) are trying to cover up the evidence.

Dawn Emmerdale

Fans think Dawn needs to leave before she cracks and reveals all about Malone's death (Picture: ITV)

But with the police now looking for missing Malone, the net is closing in on the pair... and to make matters worse, Dawn's dad, Will Taylor, has been taken in for questioning.

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With Will looking like the prime suspect in Malone's vanishing act, the guilt is getting too much for fragile Dawn and she's starting to crack under pressure.

Tonight's Emmerdale saw Dawn packing her bags and planning to do a runner from the village.

Dawn Emmerdale

Dawn tried to leave the village tonight, and fans think she should go (Picture: ITV)

Harriet caught her calling a friend to ask if she could sleep on her sofa... and she thought she'd managed to talk Dawn into staying in the village for son Lucas's sake.

But later in the episode Dawn was caught trying to sneak out with a holdall... leaving oblivious Will totally flummoxed by his daughter's erratic behaviour.

While Harriet seemed to convince Dawn to stay put for the second time, fans are adamant that leaving the village is the best things she can do.

Dawn Emmerdale

Dawn told Billy that she didn't love him in a bid to protect him (Picture: ITV)

Viewers took to social media to call for Dawn's departure in a bid to protect the character...

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With DS Wise now back on the scene and in charge of tracking down Malone, it seems time is running out for Dawn.

After he saw Dawn trying to leave and then arguing with her family in the street, he knows they're all hiding something.

Emmerdale DS Wise

DS Wise knows the family are hiding something (Picture: ITV)

Fans are sure that he will get to the bottom of Malone's death... are they right?

Should Dawn leave while she still can?

Emmerdale will temporarily air a reduced schedule of three episodes a week.

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