Emmerdale star denies Dawn is cold blooded killer for shooting Malone!

Malone intimidates Dawn in Emmerdale

'I'm obviously on Dawn's side,' pleads Emmerdale actress

Emmerdale star Olivia Bromley has defended her character Dawn Taylor for gunning down Malone in last night’s episode.

The drama kicked off when Malone woke up after Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton) whacked him over the head in a desperate bid to stop him killing Dawn.

Harriet and Dawn Emmerdale

Malone lies dead after Dawn shot him in huge Emmerdale scenes

The evil policeman seemed intent on bumping them both off as Harriet tried to get through to the police.

Dawn then took matters into her own hands by killing Malone with his gun. Fans were somewhat baffled by Dawn and Harriet’s attempts to move the body in broad daylight!

Malone intimidates Dawn in Emmerdale

Malone was rotten to the core

Olivia says she was stunned when she first discovered Dawn would be the one to kill Malone.

“I was shocked because although Dawn has faced real trials in her life before and has made some questionable decisions, I definitely didn't think she would have it in her to kill someone! I was really intrigued about how it would play out, and what the producers had planned for her.”

And Olivia adds that she doesn’t see Dawn as a cold-blooded killer.

“The storyline is such a dark one; it's been great to have that challenge as an actor, even though it's difficult to get into that headspace sometimes.  But it's self-defence rather than cold blooded murder. I'm obviously on Dawn's side. I empathise with her and what she did.”

She continues that she had a wonderful time working with her Emmerdale co-stars on the big scenes.

“I absolutely loved working with Mark Womack [who played Malone] and of course my partner in crime Katherine Dow Blyton on these episodes. They are both so brilliant and it was such fun to have such high soapy drama.

“We were also lucky to have Duncan Foster directing who is fantastic.  Obviously we had to change a lot due to Covid 19 - socially distanced filming isn't easy, so it took a lot of work to keep the tension & drama of the script whilst adhering to the new rules.”

Emmerdale continues on ITV (see our TV Guide for more shows to enjoy).

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