‘Emmerdale’ fans left AGHAST as a SHOCK twist leaves Meena dead?

Emmerdale Meena
Meena's reign of terror could be over after last night's shock twist. (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans have been left on the edge of their seats after last night's episode ended with Liam appearing to kill Meena in the exact same spot she murdered his daughter Leanna last year. 

With Tuesday’s episode of Emmerdale ending with Dawn punching Meena and Billy in possession of the gun, you’d have thought the Dale’s serial killer’s judgement day had come. 

But then Meena revealed that Harriet wasn’t a well woman and that Dawn would never see Lucas again - unless Billy handed over the shooter and Dawn tied him up. 

Liam and Meena on the bridge in Emmerdale

By the end of the episode, Liam was confronting Meena on the bridge where Leanna was killed.  (Image credit: ITV)

Many fans think Dawn had no choice but to go along with Meena’s demands, given that she had Lucas held hostage in a mystery location. 

But with the nation begging Billy not to give her the gun and call the police, there was an albeit brief moment of joy amongst the high-octane drama when Billy tossed the gun over the viaduct... however, still Meena was determined to have her fun.

There followed some confusion as Meena escaped in the limo, with Dawn deciding to give chase by foot and in a cumbersome wedding dress, leaving Billy tied up. 

A lot of fans couldn’t understand how all this had happened when moments before we had seen our very own Dempsey and Makepeace in a possession of a gun and knocked down Meena – and metres away from Leyla's perfectly working car (bar one with a smashed windscreen and some squishy, slippery blood). 

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With Dawn finding Harriet's blood oozing body, she crumbled. But thankfully Harriet was still alive and confirmed that Lucas was being kept hidden nearby. 

With Dawn on a mission to find her son and with no one else in the village, it looked like Meena would get away to kill another day. 

Back on the viaduct, Billy jumped into action - sort of - and in one leap escaped his bounds and checked in on Leyla. However, some fans were distracted by the fact Leyla's phone would have been in the car, giving Billy the perfect chance to call an ambulance...

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But that was far from the end of the drama, bar some respite when Lucas was found unharmed and wanting a boogie at the wedding disco, we were back in the thick of it...

With Manpreet deciding to go for a gentle stroll (as you do when there’s a killer on the loose), it looked like there could be a final reckoning on the cards. However, before Meena could get to Manpreet, Liam stepped out of the shadows and confronted the killer on the very bridge where she’d killed his beloved daughter, Leanna. 

Liam pushes Meena off the bridge in Emmerdale

Has Meena died in the same spot as her victim, Leanna?  (Image credit: ITV)

It wasn’t hard to turn detective and work out the outcome, but as Liam shoved his daughter's killer over the edge of the bridge, the revenge got a mixed response from fans...

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For some, Meena’s downfall couldn’t come too soon, but equally many will miss the dancing, twirling, snarling serial killer, with Paige Sandhu playing the Joker card and stealing the show...

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Elsewhere in the village Cain and Chas were still having a heart-to-heart, with Cain still wallowing in the fact he lost the upper hand against Al, while in amongst all the drama it was easy to miss 'romantic' Vinny’s proposal. Let's hope Vinny and Liv's nuptials are less eventful than Dawn and Billy's! 

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