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Emmerdale fans left RED FACED after working out the hidden meaning of THIS saucy message in tonight's episode


Emmerdale fans were in stitches after Kyle Dingle read out a rude message intended for Aaron Dingle's eyes only...

Tonight's Emmerdale gave fans more than they bargained for when a saucy message was read out by schoolboy Kyle Dingle which left fans in stitches - once they had worked out what it meant!

The hilarious moment came early in the episode when Liv Flaherty was wondering where her brother Aaron had got to the night before.

Aaron Dingle comedy message in Emmerdale ITV

Liv was oblivious to the fact Aaron's phone messages also came up on his tablet (Picture: ITV)

As Liv and Kyle got their breakfast ready, Kyle was looking at Aaron's tablet, and Liv questioned whether he was allowed to look at it.

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While Kyle was adamant that Aaron let him use the tablet, Liv pointed out that they didn't want porridge all over it.

Aaron Dingle comedy message in Emmerdale ITV

Kyle read out the rude message, leaving fans in stitches (Picture: ITV)

But soon that was the least of her worries when Kyle started reading out messages from Aaron's latest conquest, and in his best reading-out-loud voice Kyle said... "Should hook up again soon... Winky face, purple vegetable".

Liv was mortified by someone so young reading out the naughty message and grabbed the tablet away from Kyle's innocent eyes.

Aaron Dingle comedy message in Emmerdale ITV

Liv was mortified to realise Kyle was looking at Aaron's dating app (Picture: ITV)

But while the schoolboy was oblivious to the meaning behind the rude vegetable emoji in the message, the humour wasn't lost on Emmerdale fans...

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But when Aaron later appeared back at home, he was clearly hungover after his night of partying with strangers... and took his anger out on Liv and Victoria.

As Aaron was trying to get rid of the man he had spent the night with after he dropped him home, Liv and Victoria walked in and started quizzing Aaron about the stranger.

Victoria and Liv walk in on Aaron and one of his hook-ups in Emmerdale

Aaron lashed out at Liv and Victoria when they caught him with another man (Picture: ITV)

But Aaron took his guilt out on them, delivering them both some harsh words that left them reeling.

But with Aaron pushing his own family away, how far will he go before he realises he needs more than just random hook ups to get over Robert?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.