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Emmerdale fans SICKENED by this CRUEL twist in last night’s episode


Just when we thought Kim couldn't get any more evil...

Emmerdale fans have been left devastated after last night's episode saw Kim Tate cremate Graham Foster without inviting anyone else to the funeral.

Monday's (2nd March) episode saw Rhona Goskirk preparing her eulogy for Graham's send off, knowing it was the last chance she would have to prove to the world there was more to her partner than smart suits and stern looks.

Kim Tate Emmerdale ITV

Kim played the grieving widow to perfection, but fans know she is far from the perfect wife (Picture: ITV)

But in a cruel twist, Kim organised Graham's funeral without anyone else in the village knowing, and had her estranged husband cremated in secret.

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As Kim played the grieving widow to perfection, Rhona was none the wiser that the man she loved had already had his send off.

Kim Tate Emmerdale ITV

Kim organised Graham's funeral without inviting anyone else (Picture: ITV)

And when she finally found out later in the day, her whole world was shattered, and fans were fuming...

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With her chance to say goodbye to Graham snatched from her, Rhona went to the Woolpack to break the news to everyone.

Meanwhile, Kim headed home to drown her sorrows... with even Andrea and Jamie stunned by her sickening actions.

Kim Tate Emmerdale ITV

Twisted Kim enjoyed telling Rhona the shocking news Graham's funeral had already taken place (Picture: ITV)

But it wasn't long before Andrea arrived at Home Farm to confront Kim about what she had done to Rhona, and she was surprised to find Kim downing wine to forget her day.

However as the women argued, drunk Kim started to say things she might later regret... almost letting slip that she ordered Al to kill Graham for her.

Rhona Emmerdale ITV

Rhona was devastated when Kim dropped the bombshell Graham had already been cremated (Picture: ITV)

While she might not have spelled out exactly what she did, Andrea now knows Kim is hiding something.

But what will she do with her new-found knowledge?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.