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Emmerdale fans STUNNED to spot THIS CBeebies star in last night's episode


Not a lot gets past Emmerdale fans, and last night they spotted a familiar face from children's TV on the soap...

Eagle-eyed Emmerdale fans have spotted a familiar face on the soap as actress Katrina Bryan temporarily swapped CBeebies for the Dales as she appeared in a guest role as Dawn Taylor's social worker, Eloise.

Fans didn't take long to work out where they had seen the Emmerdale newcomer before, realising that she is better known for playing Nina in kids TV show Nina and the Neurons.

Katrina Bryan as social worker Eloise in Emmerdale

CBeebies actress Katrina Bryan appeared in Emmerdale last night as Dawn's social worker, Eloise (Picture: ITV)

She also stars as Alice from Molly and Mack and has appeared in the CBeebies pantomime, Thumbelina.

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Viewers took to social media to share their excitement at spotting the unexpected face...

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CBeebies also Tweeted about Katrina's guest spot on Emmerdale, confirming that she had escaped from the world of children's TV, but joked that she wouldn't be missing from CBeebies for long...

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The actress also sent a message to her fans on social media about her stint on the soap, telling everyone that she loved her time on Emmerdale and that the cast were all really friendly...

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Katrina appeared as social worker Eloise last night to tell Dawn Taylor that she has a good chance of getting her son, Lucas, back if everything continues the way it is.

But of course there was drama to follow when Eloise had left her visit with Dawn, only for the church thief to be unmasked as Dawn's dad, Will Taylor.

Dawn and Lucas with Katrina Bryan as social worker Eloise in Emmerdale

Dawn was excited about the thought of having her son back at home with her (Picture: ITV)

Will stole all the valuables from the church earlier this week to sell on and make money for the church roof repairs.

But his attempts to save Harriet Finch's job and save the church were misguided and likely to land him back in prison.

Harriet was fuming when she found out that Will was responsible... but this also means heartache for Dawn. If social services find out that her support network isn't reliable, then her application to bring Lucas home will fall apart.

Dawn and Lucas with Katrina Bryan as social worker Eloise in Emmerdale

Is Will's church theft going to jeopardise Dawn's chances of getting Lucas back? (Picture: ITV)

Will Harriet tell the police about Will's crimes and risk Dawn's chances of getting her son back?

It seems we haven't seen the last of Eloise as actress Katrina has revealed she was filming with the soap again yesterday, so it sounds like Dawn's fight for her boy is far from over.

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.