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Emmerdale gives fans a first look at Kim Tate’s son Jamie

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Newcomer Alexander Lincoln will play the village hunk

Emmerdale bosses have unveiled the actor who will be playing Kim Tate’s son, Jamie.

Actor Alexander Lincoln will take on the role of Kim’s now 22 year old lad, last seen in 1999 as a two and a half year old, leaving the village with Kim in a helicopter.

He’ll make his screen debut later this Spring when Jamie, who has been estranged from Kim for six years, arrives in Emmerdale to start a new job at the vet’s.

Emmerdale Jamie Tate, played by Alexander Lincoln

Emmerdale newcomer Jamie Tate, played by Alex Lincoln

Says 25 year old newcomer Alexander: “Jamie is in his last year at vet school, and is estranged from Kim. He’s more innocent and naive than her, and doesn’t want anything to do with her.

“He comes to the village for the job he has been offered. At that point, he still thinks Kim is still in prison…but then he finds out that she isn’t! He’s very easily manipulated , so he’s brought back into the fold.

“He’s shocked when he sees her, and there’s a bit of frustration, as he wanted to start a new life, away from Kim’s ways.”

The actor adds that the character will arrive a single man – but with the likes of Emmerdale women Priya, Tracy and Leyla all currently single, how long will that last?

Teases Alexander: “A couple of ladies take a shine to him. He’s not in that mindset when he arrives, and is just trying to focus on working at the vets and winning people over.

"He’s aware of the Tate name and wants to distance himself from it, entirely. He doesn’t want to be anything like Kim and isn’t anything like her – and he wants everyone to know that.”

Fans have been speculating about Jamie’s potential return since last October, when Kim, played by Claire King, made a brief return to the village after being released from prison.

The character was soon sent back to the clink for breaking the terms of her parole, but not before tasking assistant Graham Foster with finding her boy.

Says Claire King: “Kim loves Jamie; that is genuine. There will probably be a few stories where he will influence her, and possibly she’ll have a few kinder words for certain Dingles in the future – but I can’t say which ones…”

Emmerdale continues on ITV.

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