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THIS Emmerdale icon teases their potential return to the soap

(Image credit: ITV)

Faith Dingle is making a hopeful comeback....

Emmerdale star Sally Dexter has teased her return to the ITV soap.

Speaking to Metro, Sally revealed that she couldn't wait to return to work. And it looks like that will include playing Emmerdale legend Faith Dingle, who she'd played since 2017.

She revealed, "I’ve spent more time on the phone and Zoom and all that computer contact stuff than I can remember doing before so it doesn’t seem like social isolation at all! It’s strange to be so physically distant though.

Emmerdale, Zak Dingle, Faith Dingle

Faith with Zak in Emmerdale last year

"I can’t wait to start work again! And of course I hope Emmerdale and I cross paths again - my mum would never forgive me if it didn’t!"

Last year, Faith left the village after son Cain refused to forgive her for covering up a secret love child.

Sally chose to take a break from Emmerdale to focus on stage work, and has praised the Arts for helping us during difficult times.

She said, "I really think the Arts have all got a vital role to play in how we sort all this out in our heads and hearts. Everyone’s been through an extraordinary time – there’s a lot for us all to share."

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Sally hasn't confirmed when she'll be returning to the soap, but she definitely seems keen to make a comeback.

When Faith left the village, the door was left open for some kind of return, so we'll have to wait and see what happens!

Meanwhile, Emmerdale bosses have chosen to cut episodes in order to stay on air during lockdown.

Six new episodes have been confirmed by the soap, but they won't be aired just yet.

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm on ITV1.