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Emmerdale reveals forbidden kiss between former couple with THIS shock picture

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Emmerdale favourites David and Tracy Metcalfe will share a secret kiss in the soap's 'Big Night Out' episodes...

Next week's Emmerdale promises to be more gripping than ever as the soap airs the much-anticipated 'Big Night Out' episodes.

But while we already know that some of our favourite characters will see their lives changed forever after the night out clubbing ends up being memorable for all the wrong reasons, David and Tracy are at the centre of it all as their forbidden kiss leads to the discovery that Maya has been grooming Jacob.

It has already been reported that Victoria is set to be raped after being separated from her friends, as well as Rhona meeting a handsome stranger as she tries to prove to boyfriend Pete that going through the menopause doesn't mean she can't let her hair down.

David and Tracy kiss in Emmerdale

The moment Emmerdale fans have waited for... David and Tracy share a forbidden kiss. But what does it mean for the former couple?

But the big drama will come when former husband and wife David and Tracy share a kiss - only for David's girlfriend Maya to see the whole thing.

The night out next week will see numerous village residents all decide to go clubbing in town, and among the partygoers are Maya, David, Tracy and Jacob, along with Priya, Victoria, Rhona and Leyla.

Kerry and Ellis, Aaron, Robert and Bernice are also heading into town for the big night out, which turns out to be a disaster for lots of those involved.

Maya sees David and Tracy kiss in Emmerdale

Maya sees the surprise kiss between David and Tracy...

When Maya finds out that David is planning to propose, she decides to put her secret romance with Jacob first and tells David not to get down on one knee, leaving him heartbroken.

With the evening a disaster thanks to Maya's rejection, David turns to Tracy for comfort on the night out.

But as the former couple chat it seems there is still a spark between them as they share a forbidden kiss - but what they don't realise is Maya has witnessed the whole thing and is fuming.

Emmerdale Big Night Out

Who will be the one to catch Maya with Jacob?

While you'd be right in thinking that her jealousy is somewhat hypocritical, it doesn't stop Maya from seeing red and she seeks comfort with Jacob to take her mind off what she saw.

But her recklessness soon ends in disaster when one of the other villagers on the evening out sees the teacher with Jacob and unearths her horrific grooming secret.

Who will be the one to catch Maya and Jacob in a compromising position? And what will David say when he eventually finds out what his girlfriend has been up to with his son?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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