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Emmerdale spoilers: David Metcalfe and his ex-wife Tracy kiss!

David and Tracy kiss in Emmerdale

After a bust-up between David and his girlfriend Maya, he seeks comfort with his ex, Tracy. But the pair are unaware Maya has seen them kiss...

David Metcalfe has romantic plans on his mind when he joins his girlfriend Maya Stepney and various other villagers for a BIG night out in Hotten. But little does the village shopkeeper know, he's going to end up with a broken heart...

David has been planning to pop the question to Maya, unaware the predatory teacher has been having a secret affair with David's teenage son, Jacob Gallagher since last year.

Maya reluctantly agrees to go clubbing in Hotten with David and various gal pals. But just when David thinks the moment is right, he's the one in for a surprise when Maya reveals she knows he's planning to propose... and tells him not to bother!

Crushed by moody Maya's rejection, David seeks comfort with his ex-wife, Tracy and in the emotion of the moment the pair find themselves kissing, unaware furious Maya has clocked the pair locking lips...

Emmerdale, Billy Fletcher

Billy is alarmed when he receives a threatening message from gangster Max... (Picture: ITV)

Elsewhere, it hasn't taken Billy Fletcher's dodgy ex-mate, Max long to show his true colours after turning up in the village earlier this month.

Soon after Billy's mum Jessie Dingle voices her concern over ex-prison inmate Billy hanging around with Max again, Billy is alarmed when Max sends him a photo of Billy's younger brother Ellis on the villagers big night out.

Max is clearly out for revenge after Ellis sabotaged the robbery Max had planned earlier this week. What does Max have in store for Ellis and will Billy make it into Hotten in time to stop him?

Rhona goes clubbing and has one too many in Emmerdale

Rhona joins Kerry, Amy and co for their BIG night out! (Picture: ITV)

Meanwhile, despite her recent medical nightmare, Rhona Goskirk is determined to prove she's still got it and joins her gal pals on their big night out. But will the village vet regret her decision after one too many drinks?

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