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Emmerdale teases DOUBLE EXIT this week - but who is departing the Dales?

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Daz and Amelia Spencer are packing their bags to leave Emmerdale this week, but will they really leave their friends and family behind?

This week sees a big twist in the Daz Spencer storyline, when he announces that he is leaving Emmerdale  - and that daughter Amelia is also coming too.

After threatening to tell the police that he was the one who ran Graham Foster down and left him for dead, Kerry is thrilled when Daz announces that he's got a new job and is moving to Croydon.

Daz Spencer Emmerdale spoilers

Daz ran Graham down while drink driving last year

But when Amelia asks her dad why he is leaving the village, he's brutally honest and reveals Kerry's threat to go to the police if he didn't leave.

Amelia is fuming and confronts Kerry and Dan... leaving the pair heartbroken when she reveals if Daz has to leave, then she'll be going with him.

All hell breaks loose as the family fight about Amelia leaving with Daz, and Kerry is left incredulous when Dan agrees to let the school girl leave.

Dan Spencer and Daz Spencer

Dan isn't happy about Daz taking Amelia to Croydon

Kerry can't believe that Dan is backing down so easily, and even when he reveals that he is using reverse psychology in an attempt to make her stay, Kerry can't stand back and watch their family be torn apart.

With their already damaged relationship hanging by a thread, this latest fight over Amelia looks like it could be the straw that broke the camel's back for Dan and Kerry.

Kerry, Dan, Daz and Amelia fight in Emmerdale

Kerry and Dan are heartbroken when Amelia announces she is leaving the village this week

Dan is shocked when Kerry reveals losing Amelia would be like losing her own daughter, Amy, all over again, and he realises just how close the pair have become... a relationship set to be shattered if Amelia leaves with Daz.

Will Dan's masterplan to trick Amelia into staying in the village work? Or has he just made sure that he's about to lose the girl he has brought up as his own daughter for the last eleven years?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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