'Euphoria' star Maude Apatow shocked by overwhelming 'crazy positive' reaction to Lexi and Fez's relationship

Maude Apatow in Euphoria
'Euphoria' star Maude Apatow has loved fan's reactions to her and Lexie and Fez's romance. (Image credit: Eddy Chen/HBO)

Euphoria actress Maude Apatow, who plays fan-favorite Lexi Howard in the show, has spoken out on how nice it has been to see fans adore Lexi and Fez’s (Angus Cloud) relationship blossom on-screen. 

But, even though she knew it would gain a positive reaction, she was surprised by the sheer amount of people who liked it, saying that it’s "crazy" to see how much praise the pair’s relationship is getting online through drawings and edits by fans.

She told Entertainment Weekly: "It's so nice to see people like it that much. I can't even describe how crazy it is to go on Instagram and people have made the most like incredible drawings of us, and these dramatic edits of our love. It's so funny. But yeah, it's a crazy positive reaction. I knew people were gonna like it, because it's pretty sweet, but I wasn't expecting this many people to like it. It's crazy."

Lexi sparked up a friendship with drug dealer Fez at the New Year’s Eve party in episode 1 on Euphoria season 2, while Lexi was searching for her sister Cassie Howard (Sydney Sweeney).

Maude Apatow and Angus Cloud

Lexi and Fez's romance began in episode one. (Image credit: Eddy Chen/HBO)

While they spoke, Lexi was surprised by how much Fez took an interest in what she had to say and it wasn’t long before the pair found themselves attracted to each other. They exchanged numbers, before Fez got extremely violent with Nate Jacobs (Jacob Elordi), but Lexi still found herself attracted to Fez due to the kindness he showed her, and even defended him to Cassie after she told Nate’s father, Cal (Eric Dane) about who brutally beat up his son at the party.

Currently, their love is slowly unraveling on our screens, which Maude thinks makes it stand out from the show, where everything usually moves so quickly to an intense level.

She said: “I think it is just very refreshing when the relationship feels so like innocent and sweet, like in the last episode they don't even kiss. They just hold hands, and it's building really slowly. And I think in contrast to a lot of the things that happen on the show that are so extreme, it definitely stands out.”

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