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DEVASTATION for THIS Neighbours character in sickening blackmail twist

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Elly Brennan's life is continuing to spiral out of control...

Just when you think things can't get any more complicated for Neighbours' Elly Brennan, her world is turned upside down today when the student blackmailing her stoops to new lows.

Neighbours fans will know that Elly's student at Erinsborough High, Dean Mahoney, has been blackmailing her over her baby lie after discovering that Mark has no idea he isn't the biological father of her unborn child.

Dean took a dislike to teacher Elly after she took a tough stance against him as he continued to play up in school. And, unfortunately for Elly, Dean just happens to be her doctor's son, meaning he had access to take a sneaky look at her medical records at the hospital.

Elly and Mark Brennan in Neighbours

Elly's lies are spiralling out of control...

Since finding out the truth about Elly's baby lie, Dean has been using his new knowledge to blackmail the mum-to-be into getting her to give him good grades for assignments he hasn't even written.

But today sees another twist in Ely's web of lies when Dean steps up his blackmailing against the teacher and she is forced to fabricate yet more lies to keep her baby deception a secret.

When Dean is sweet and chatty as he bumps into Elly outside Harold's, Susan and Mark are impressed that Elly's only been back at the school for a few days but already the students love her.

Neighbours, Elly Conway

Dean has been blackmailing Elly at school...

Little do they know Dean's friendliness is all a front and secretly he is terrorising her.

In school Dean acts up, throwing a drink over Yashvi Rebecchi... but Elly can't ignore his behaviour when Susan sees the commotion and is forced to keep up a front and hand out detention.

But Dean doesn't take kindly to being told off in front of everyone and threatens Elly once again - this time he wants her to buy him alcohol to take to the school camp or he will spill the beans to Mark.

Elly is sickened that she is being forced to break the law to keep her web of lies hidden, and as she later heads to Dean's locker it soon becomes clear that she is hiding a bottle of alcohol in her bag.

Neighbours, Dean Mahoney

Will Elly be able to stop Dean telling Mark the truth about her baby lies?

But just as she goes to put the drink in Dean's locker, Dipi Rebecchi catches her red handed as she heads to a school PTA meeting.

How is Elly going to get out of this one? Not only is she in school with alcohol, but being pregnant she's not even supposed to be drinking.

As she struggles to find yet another way to cover up a lie, could this be one fib too many for the mum-to-be?

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