Five reasons to salute junior doctor Rash Masum's Casualty debut!

Rash Casualty
(Image credit: Alistair Heap)

New doctor Rash makes an impression on his Casualty co-workers – a bad one!

We rub our hands in glee at the prospect of a new Casualty character’s opening episode. One of our favourite things about Casualty is the amount of trauma they put a new staff member through – usually before they’ve even made it as far as the ED!

Neet Mohan’s debut tonight as junior doctor Rash Masum was particularly delicious – a perfect mixture of comedy, vulnerability and hints at interesting stories to come, with Connie already labelling him a strange boy!

Here are our top Rash moments…

Mummy’s boy from beginning to end?

Will new doctor Rash learn to cut the apron strings now he's part of the ED?

Will new doctor Rash learn to cut the apron strings now he's part of the ED? (Image credit: BBC / Alistair Heap)

Whether he cares to admit it or not Rash is very much under his mum’s thumb. She dropped him to work with the sage advice: “Do not soil yourself.”

Mamma Madia Masum (played by Buckso Dhillon-Woolley) then almost ran over clinical lead Connie Beauchamp. She also had questionable morals, and wasn’t against parking illegally in a disabled parking space. Is it wrong we want to see more of her?

Later, when his mum called to check up, Rash lied that everything was going great, although he was making enemies left, right and centre! At the end of the shift when the others invited him to the pub, Rash revealed his mum was collecting him. But some kind advice from Lily made him reconsider and spend time with his new Casualty family.

Rash meets doctor Dylan Keogh

Eager to please Rash introduced himself to Dylan with: “Hi, I’m Rashid Masum”. Only for Dylan to reply: “Yeah? I’m profoundly busy,” before walking off.

Rash meets nurse David Hide

David and Dylan both feature large in the new series, but what lies ahead?

David and Dylan give Rash two very different welcomes (Image credit: BBC)

Rash appeared confident, even going so far as to tell Louise he wasn’t nervous. However, it was all a front. Despite his bravado Rash was completely out of his comfort zone... Something that wasn’t lost on observant nurse David Hide (Jason Durr). Here’s hoping Rash allows David to take him under his wing – especially if it means more dad jokes from David!

Rash meets clinical lead Mrs Beauchamp

Connie labels Rash a strange boy from the start

Connie labels Rash a strange boy from the start (Image credit: BBC / Alistair Heap)

So many good moments…

When he failed to appear at her door after David introduced him and Connie quipped: “He appears to be invisible.”

When he saluted Connie saying: “Message received” and instantly realised his mistake.

When she gave him a dressing down only for nervous Rash to run out of her office to be sick while Connie was mid-sentence…

Rash meets his new mentor Lily

New doctor Rash soon realises Lily is not a fan

New doctor Rash soon realises Lily is not a fan (Image credit: BBC)

It started badly and got worse...

When introduced to Rash, Lily barely looked at him. It didn’t help he kept forgetting her name.

While on a shout out, in his excitement to be involved Rash managed to injure paramedic Iain. Something Iain’s not going to let him forget in a hurry! Connie later overheard Iain complaining Rash is a “flaming liability.”

Well played Neet Moahn. Roll on next week, when we’ll be looking out for more rash moments from Rash!

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