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FORBIDDEN KISS in Neighbours leads to THIS HUGE wedding twist


Pierce Greyson and Chloe Brennan's wedding is thrown into chaos in today's Neighbours when the best man kisses the bride-to-be!

There is drama in Neighbours today when Hendrix Greyson ups his plan to split Pierce Greyson and Chloe Brennan just days before their wedding day.

Hendrix has been the thorn in Pierce's side ever since he arrived in Erinsborough. Not only has he caused nothing but trouble with his wild ways, but he is now planning to try and split his dad and Chloe in the lead up to the wedding.

Neighbours, Chloe Brennan, Hendrix Greyson

Hendrix has spent the last few weeks falling for Chloe (Picture: Channel 5)

And today's Neighbours (6pm, see our TV guide for full listings) will see Hendrix step in as Chloe's groom for the day - leading to a shock kiss!

Hendrix's meddling steps up a gear when he has a 'moment' with Chloe, convincing him that there is something between him and his future stepmum.

As the wedding rehearsal arrives, Hendrix enlists Roxy Willis's help and she calls a huge meeting at Lassiters for the staff, and tells Pierce that he needs to talk to the hotel workers as they're all worried about their jobs.

Neighbours, Chloe Brennan, Susan Kennedy, Hendrix Greyson

Hendrix offers to help when his dad Pierce is too busy to attend a wedding rehearsal with fiancee Chloe (Picture: Channel 5) (Image credit: Channel 5)

Being the good businessman that he is, Pierce agrees and texts Chloe to say he will be a bit late home... however as the staff meeting overruns thanks to Roxy's meddling, Hendrix is 'forced' to stand in as the groom.

But while Hendrix is pretending to be Pierce standing at the altar, in his mind he is marrying Chloe for real, and as they pretend to exchange their vows, it is clear that Hendrix is totally smitten with the bride-to-be.

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However, Chloe is completely unaware that the whole thing is a scam to get her to fall for Hendrix instead of Pierce, and falls for Hendrix's charm hook, line and sinker.

Neighbours, Hendrix Greyson, Chloe Brennan

Hendrix goes in for a kiss in today's Neighbours (Picture: Channel 5)

And later when Chloe gets to the Waterhole and catches up with Pierce, she is annoyed that he didn't involve her in the staff meeting, pointing out that was something she should have been leading.

As Chloe and Pierce argue, Hendrix stands back and watches the fallout of his plan... making him certain that Chloe will soon be putty in his hands.

Neighbours, Hendrix Greyson, Chloe Brennan

Chloe is stunned when Hendrix kisses her on Neighbours! (Picture: Channel 5) (Image credit: Channel 5)

Later at home the pair are playing computer games, but while Chloe is just relaxing after a stressful day, Hendrix is in full flirt-mode and when Pierce goes out to the garden for a swim, Hendrix seizes the moment and kisses Chloe.

But what will Chloe make of the shock kiss, and how is Pierce going to react when he discovers his son has made a move on his future wife?!

Neighbours currently airs weekdays at 12.50 pm and 6pm on Channel 5

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