FuboTV has killed its least-expensive streaming plan

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FuboTV — which just announced higher-than-expected earnings and subscriber growth for the fourth quarter of 2020 — has quietly killed off its least-expensive streaming plan option.

The $60-a-month "Standard" plan — which already was buried pretty deep on its site — has been removed entirely, FuboTV has confirmed.

That effectively means FuboTV has enacted a price increase for new subscribers, with the $65-a-month "Family Plan" now the least expensive option. With that plan you'll get 115 channels, 250 hours of cloud-based DVR, and the ability to watch on three devices at once. (That's actually a few more channels than the Family Plan had previously, so that's a good thing.)

Subscribers who currently are the less-expensive "Standard" plan will keep that pricing, FuboTV told us over email. When asked, there was no mention of any sort of grandfathering period.

That doesn't mean FuboTV isn't still a viable option. That Family Plan price is still in line with other major competitors. Hulu With Live TV (4.1 million subscribers) and YouTube TV (3 million-plus subscribers) — the No. 1 and No. 2 live TV streaming services in the United States, respectively — each cost $65 a month. FuboTV is much lower on that food chain, at 545,000 subscribers — sixth on our list of the biggest live streaming TV options in the United States.

And the FuboTV Elite Plan, which weighs in at $79.99 a month, now sports some 159 channels in that package, plus another 44 channels of "Fubo Extra," 1,000 hours of cloud-based DVR, and the ability to stream on up to five devices at once.

Sling TV still undercuts everyone, though, with its $30 Orange and Blue plans. (They're just $40 if you buy them together.) But that price increases as you add on the "Extra" options for additional channels.

FuboTV remains an excellent option for sports fans, especially now that it has ESPN. It's also still the only live streaming service in the U.S. to offer some sports in (upscaled) 4K resolution, and it's got a strong contingent of premium sports add-ons that you can't find on there services.

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