Gentleman Jack fans beg for season three after final episode leaves them in tears

Gentleman Jack's Anne Lister and Ann Walker hold hands and look happily at each other
Gentleman Jack viewers are demanding that the hit series returns for series 3 after an emotional final episode.. (Image credit: BBC)

*WARNING — spoilers below for all of Gentleman Jack season 2*

Gentleman Jack season 2 viewers were left sobbing after the emotional finale episode aired in the UK on Sunday, May 29, prompting demands for a season 3 by fans.

Throughout the Gentleman Jack season 2 finale, Anne Lister (Suranne Jones) and Ann Walker’s (Sophie Rundle) relationship was on the rocks.

Tensions were high between the couple as Ann felt left out after Anne went to visit her friends in London without her.

Anne tried to appease her by asking her to lay the foundation stone and make a speech when the building work begins on the casino for the Northgate development.

However, Ann’s pleasure was short-lived when she had another argument with Anne about her paying for everything and that she was only regarded as Anne’s wife when it’s convenient and when she’s needed for her money.

But, despite all of the trials and tribulations of season two, the episode ended on a poignant and touching note as the couple rekindled their relationship and ended up together.

Sophie Rundle as Ann Walker in a blue dress and lacy bonnet in Gentleman Jack. Gentleman Jack in a

Ann was unhappy with her relationship with Anne. (Image credit: BBC/Lookout Point/HBO/Aimee Spinks)

The pair finally managed to get Ann’s brother-in-law Captain Sutherland (Derek Riddell) to begrudgingly sign the papers so that she can keep her share of the estate.

After the ordeal, Ann and Anne shared an emotional moment in the back of the carriage.

“We are the only people in the whole world, on Earth, who want us to be together. It won’t be easy. It’ll never be easy. But we’re both still here. Aren’t we?” Anne said before they shared a kiss.

Anne Lister and Ann Walker kiss

Anne and Ann got their hopeful and happy ending. (Image credit: BBC)

Emotional fans were left weeping at the scene and were overjoyed to see their favorite couple finally be happy together...

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Fans also voiced their demands on social media for Gentleman Jack to be renewed for season 3 after the highly anticipated finale…

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The whole season of Gentleman Jack is now available in the UK on BBC iPlayer. In the US the season started on Monday, April 25 on HBO. The season is eight parts long and new episodes will premiere each week.

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