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George Michael hits on the cards in The Vic tonight to celebrate the life of this EastEnders legend

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Heather Trott loved George Michael, so expect some of his tunes to be sung as the pub celebrates her life seven years after she was killed

The Vic will come alive to the sound of 1980s pop classics tonight in EastEnders in the honour of one of Albert Square’s most legendary characters, Heather Trott.

Heather was killed by Ben Mitchell way back in 2011 when he whacked her over the head with a picture frame. Seven years on and poor Shirley has been down in the dumps, missing her best mate.

Heather is murdered!

Heather met an unfortunate end in EastEnders (Image credit: BBC)

Heather (played by Cheryl Ferguson) was a massive karaoke fan, so Linda decides to arrange a karaoke event at The Vic to celebrate Heather’s life and hopefully cheer up Shirley.

Surely we can expect some George Michael tunes, after all Heather loved the superstar singer. Perhaps a bit of Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go (the song Heather was listening to shortly before her death)?

Linda (Kellie Bright) certainly puts her heart into whatever she’s singing judging by the picture the soap has released!

EastEnders Linda Carter

Linda throws herself into a karaoke as a way of paying tribute to Heather in EastEnders

Phil Mitchell also knows it’s the anniversary of Heather’s death and oddly thinks he’s the right person to cheer Shirley up!

Not surprisingly, Shirley tells him to take a hike, pointing out that it was his son who ended Heather’s life.

Shirley, though, is delighted by Linda’s karaoke tribute to Heather, who made her Albert Square debut back in 2007, and agrees to join in.

Also in EastEnders tonight, Denise tries to convince Patrick that he should put his money in her salon, but will he be convinced? And to complicate matters further, Mitch pitches his barber shop idea to a now seriously confused Patrick.

EastEnders Denise Fox, Kim Fox-Hubbard and Patrick Trueman

Cheers! Denise is desperate to get Patrick to invest in her business, but is he really going to sink his money into her plan?

Perhaps Patrick would be wise to keep the money for himself!

EastEnders continues on BBC1 this evening at 8pm.