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Glynis Barber has 'unfinished business' in EastEnders

Glynis Barber is open to an EastEnders’ return should the soaps’ bosses want her back.

In an exclusive interview with What’s on TV, Glynis revealed her fondness for Roxy and Ronnie’s flirty mother Glenda.

“I had a huge investment in Glenda in EastEnders. She was constantly wreaking havoc around the square. It was great fun to play!

"I felt she left a little prematurely; there is definitely some unfinished business there if I was ever asked to pop back.”

The South African-born actress first made waves in 1985 as one half of Dempsey & Makepeace and went on to marry her co-star Michael Brandon.

The pair are rumoured to be competing in ITV’s new dance show Stepping Out, although this remains unconfirmed…

“I am working on something at the moment, which may or may not be that! I can’t comment at all.”

She can, however, confirm a recent role with Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise!

“I have filmed a tiny little part in a Tom Cruise movie, which is out next year called Edge Of Tomorrow. I play an American general believe it or not. I just had a few lines, but I met Tom so that was definitely a perk of the job!”