Greg James to host new series from The Traitors team

Greg James during the photocall for the 2023 Brit Awards
Radio 1 presenter and author Greg James will preside over the reality series. (Image credit: JMEnternational/Getty Images)

Greg James has been revealed as the host of Rise and Fall, a new "amazingly mad" Channel 4 series developed by the team who brought us The Traitors.

Rise and Fall sounds like it will deliver even more excitement for fans of last year's gripping BBC reality series, as Channel 4 has explained the series will be seeing how sixteen everyday people deal with the changing balance of power. From the sounds of things, Greg will preside over the action in a similar fashion to Claudia Winkleman on The Traitors. 

Of his new role, Greg said: "I’ve been waiting a long time for a show like this to come along that I can get stuck into and be the ringleader of. It’s an amazingly mad idea and the contestants are going to make some incredible TV. 

"It’s very exciting to launch something brand new on Channel 4 and I can’t wait to see how it all plays out. Let the power struggle begin…” James added.

The full pitch for the new series reads: "Rise and Fall, made by Studio Lambert and Motion Content Group, is a game about what it takes to get to the top — how to win power, how to keep hold of it and how to use it to influence others.

"Sixteen ordinary British people, from all walks of life and ages, will begin the game as equals but soon find themselves either in a position of power as a Ruler or as part of the powerless as a Grafter. While the Rulers live in an opulent penthouse, the Grafters must survive in basic conditions in the basement. And much like life, those in power will be responsible for making decisions that affect those who have none.

"Greg James will oversee the action as the Grafters work hard to complete a series of gruelling games and challenges to build a cash prize fund only the Rulers can win. The Rulers must encourage the Grafters to work harder, but if they push them too hard, they might find themselves toppled from power.

"Anyone can rise to a position of power and anyone can fall, but only one Ruler can win the prize fund at the end of the game. Who rises and who falls will be decided by the other Players."

Channel 4 has not confirmed a release date for Rise and Fall just yet, though they have confirmed the series will be "coming soon to Channel 4 and All 4". If you missed out on the excitement from The Traitors, you can stream it and The Traitors US on BBC iPlayer in the UK.

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