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Happy Valley’s Karl Davies stars in new C4 drama about neighbours from hell

(Image credit: BBC/Red Productions)

Emmerdale and Happy Valley actor Karl Davies is starring in a tense new C4 drama about spying on your neighbours.

Coming later this month, The People Next Door follows story of young expectant parents Richard (played by Karl) and Gemma (Joanna Horton, The Suspicions of Mr Whicher,) who, after purchasing their first home, soon discover they’ve moved next door to the neighbours from hell.

The disturbing sounds the couple hear through the wall – arguments, screams, and what sounds like violence, soon become daily intrusions and they suspect a child is being mistreated. After consulting friends, Gemma and Richard start an evidence blog to document the problems and they soon come to believe that one child in particular could be being abused.

Richard is reluctant to get involved or cause trouble with the neighbours, but Gemma is convinced they could be living next door to another Baby P case and they have a moral duty to investigate.

Frustrated by the apparent lack of intervention by the authorities, they turn to increasingly elaborate forms of surveillance to find out what is happening behind closed doors.

C4’s commissioner Nick Mirsky says: “This tense, gripping drama t could play out behind the curtains of almost any home in Britain. The People Next Door is terrifying relatable – and speaks loudly to the increasing mistrust many Britons have about what might be happening on their own doorstep.”

Executive Producer Richard Bond says: “We’re delighted that Channel 4 have let us make another experimental drama and we hope the audience find it both riveting and thought provoking in equal measure.”