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Heartbreaking bombshell in Emmerdale leads to THIS sudden DOUBLE exit

(Image credit: ITV)

Belle and Jamie's affair is exposed in the most dramatic way...

There's huge panic in Emmerdale next week when Andrea and Millie Tate vanish into thin air after the news about Belle Dingle and Jamie Tate's affair is revealed.

Emmerdale fans have watched Belle and Jamie's romance go from a secret fling a work to a full-on affair behind everyone's backs over recent months, and next week sees their relationship become public knowledge.

The whole pub is shocked in Emmerdale

Andrea plans the ultimate revenge on cheating Jamie next week (Picture: ITV)

Despite the fact Andrea found out that husband Jamie has been playing away with Belle a few weeks back, the forbidden pair are none the wiser that she knows.

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Meanwhile, Andrea has been confiding in friend Leyla about the affair, and the pair have been plotting a way that Andrea can win her husband back.

But next week sees Andrea go one step further and expose her husband's cheating in the middle of a pub quiz at the Woolpack.

The whole pub is left shocked in Emmerdale

Jamie and Belle's text messages are put on the screen for everyone to read (Picture: ITV)

As the quiz gets underway Leyla collects everyone's phones to stop them cheating and looking up the answers.

But when no one is looking, Leyla pockets Belle's phone, along with a secret USB stick.

The whole pub is left shocked in Emmerdale

The whole pub is left shocked by the huge revelation (Picture: ITV)

Once the quiz is well under way, the teams are left shocked when the big screen in the pub is being filled with all the secret messages from Belle's phone that she and Jamie have been sending to one another.

Andrea is the picture of innocence as she pretends to be shocked by the revelation her husband has been cheating on her, and flees the pub in fake disgust.

The whole pub is left shocked

Jamie blames Belle for exposing the affair (Picture: ITV)

But while Andrea might be putting on a performance of a lifetime as she pretends to be shocked, her heartbreak is real and Jamie is soon blaming Belle for outing their affair.

How will Belle react to being blamed for something she didn't do?

However, Belle's upset is soon the least of Jamie's worries when he discovers Andrea and has left the village and taken their daughter, Millie with her.

Jamie's worried in Emmerdale

Jamie is stunned when Tracy tells him Andrea and Millie have vanished into thin air (Picture: ITV)

But his worry soon turns to panic when Tracy reveals that not only did Andrea leave without her purse and phone, but she even left her car behind.

Where has Andrea vanished to?

Emmerdale will temporarily air a reduced schedule of three episodes a week. Watch on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7pm on ITV.