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Here's your cast for the live-action 'Powerpuff Girls' on The CW

Dove Cameron, Chloe Bennet, Yana Perrault as the Powerpuff Girls
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Viewers might be over the idea of edgy remakes, but Powerpuff Girls looks to be the kind of show that might focus on some kind of middle ground between the tough reality of being a hero and the fluffiness of presentation of girl heroes. After all, The CW has had quite the success with its darker/more mature representations of classically soft characters. Both Riverdale and Nancy Drew have brought in decent numbers for the channel, but we expect to see a dash of Supergirl thrown into the mix given the series' subject matter. 

After last month's pilot order, we now know who will be taking on the lead roles in the upcoming series. Dove Cameron will take on Bubbles, the once sparkly and soft member of the trio; Chloe Bennet will play the team's leader, Blossom; and Yana Perrault will complete the set as the spunky and tough Buttercup. Though, as we know, we'll be seeing a different representation of these characters.

Nothing's necessarily being retconned from the Cartoon Network show of old. Instead, we're seeing the girls later on in their lives while they deal with the effects of being child heroes in a grim world. Bubbles will still have her sparkle, but the former "ditsy" blonde will now have dimensions and wit added to her character. The once sure and determined Blossom will be represented with a newfound anxiety, reaching out to former gifted children with tough parents everywhere. And Buttercup? She'll still be the Tough Gal™ you remember, but we'll be seeing her sensitive side as well. 

Folks have been quick to brand this upcoming series as leaning into the grimdark trend of lighter superhero series. However, from what we know from current descriptions, it seems like those little girls are still there. We're just taking a look at what their childhood did to them, and how they grew into well-rounded humans from their once cartoony caricatures. 

In short? We're in. 

Powerpuff Girls will have a script penned by Heather Regnier and Diablo Cody. Both writers will executive produce alongside Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, and David Madden. Maggie Kiley will also serve as an EP and will be directing the previously ordered pilot.

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