Holby's Chizzy Akudolu: 'Mr T reveals it's a boy, but Mo still can't tell him he's the dad!'

Chizzy Akudolu plays Mo Effanga in Holby City

When Mo Effanga fears her unborn child is in trouble in Tuesday's Holby, she turns to Mr T for help. But even a crisis won't get Mo to tell him he's the father. Chizzy Akudolu explains...

Mo Effanga fears her unborn baby is in jeopardy in next week's Holby, but that's still not enough to tell Mr T he's the daddy, reveals Chizzy Akudolu…

Surgeon Mo Effanga was stunned when obstetrician Mr Thompson – the man she’d rejected – recently returned to Holby. When Mr T (Ben Hull) then learned she was pregnant, why did Mo lie she’d used a sperm donor and not admit the baby was his? "Mo knew she had hurt Mr T so much when she rejected him after their 'night' together that she wouldn't ever want to hurt him again and feared telling him she's having his baby could throw a spanner in the works for him and his new fiancee, Inga.

"Mo didn't want to spoil his happiness or ruin his relationship."

On Tuesday, Mr T's twin sister Delwen comes to the hospital for treatment. When she too discovers Mo’s pregnant, are her suspicions raised? "Yes! Delwen knows about Mr T's night with Mo, so she immediately thinks he must be the baby's father. She urges Mr T to ask Mo again, which he does, but Mo still denies it. Mr T's no idiot, but it seems he's happy to take Mo's word for it. Delwen, however, she's the smart twin and she won't let it go…"

Chizzy Akudolu plays Mo and Ben Hull plays Mr T in Holby City

Delwen has a very strong suspicion that her brother is the father of Mo's baby


Mo seems to be struggling with her pregnancy. What’s wrong? "Emotionally, Mo hasn't 100 per cent thought how difficult raising a child alone would be, until now. Physically, she's still suffering from morning sickness and is generally not feeling great. So when she then starts bleeding she worries she's having a miscarriage. Fortunately, Mr T's there to help."

Mr T takes Mo for a scan and reassures her the baby is fine – and he also lets slip that it's a boy! "This is a lovely scene featuring two people who still care so much for one another. Mr T would love to be a dad and the most painful thing here is that he's looking at a scan of his child, but doesn't even know it's his child.

"When he reveals it's a boy, that's when Mo should be saying: 'And he's YOURS!' It's just a few simple words – but she just can't do it!"

Chizzy Akudolu plays Mo Effanga and Ben Hull plays Mr T in Holby City

Mo's so grateful to Mr T for being there for her - but she STILL won't tell him he's the daddy!


Just when it looks like Mo might be about to tell him, Mr T asks if she'll be 'best man' at his wedding. Given the awkwardness of their situation, why does Mo agree? "Mo just wants to try and be the best friend she can b,e but she's getting herself more and more into deep water by agreeing to be 'best man'. For now, the moment to tell Mr T about the baby is gone – but the truth WILL have to come out at some point!"

Holby City continues on Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.

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