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Holby City CANCELLED tonight - here’s why the show’s not on!

Holby City Jac Naylor
(Image credit: BBC)

Oh no! Jac's not impressed by the news

Holby City fans tuning in for the latest drama in the hospital hit tonight will be gutted to find themselves watching the football instead.

Yep, once again sport is playing havoc with the schedules and meaning that Holby viewers will have to go over a week without their favourite show.

Tonight, the BBC has removed the favourite from its normal Tuesday evening slot so it can put on Match of the Day Live, which sees the FA Cup clash between Chelsea and Liverpool.

Holby Dom Essie secret

Holby fans did at least get two episodes last week (Image credit: BBC)

Holby City fans did at least get an extra dose last week as the Beeb put out two episodes to make up for this week, including last Wednesday's.

The official Holby twitter page has alerted fans to the bad news.

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The BBC1 Tuesday night schedule without Holby City looks like this…

7.00pm The One Show 7.30pm Match of the Day Live: The FA Cup (kick-off 7.45pm) 10.00pm BBC News at Ten (see our TV Guide for full listings).

It’s far from the first time Holby has lost out to The FA Cup - back in January the Beeb moved Holby so it could show the game between Tottenham Hotspur and Middlesbrough.

Last year Holby moved about in the schedules due to the Women’s World Cup and the Conservative leadership debate.

Holby City will return to BBC1 on Tuesday March 10th at 8.00pm.