'Holby City' star reveals hilarious disguise she used to keep Jac's return secret

Rosie Marcel plays Jac Naylor in Holby City
Rosie Marcel plays Jac Naylor in Holby City. (Image credit: BBC)

Holby City star Rosie Marcel has revealed the hilarious disguise she used to keep her return as Jac Naylor in last night's episode a secret.

The hugely popular actress made the revelation in a behind-the-scenes selfie on Instagram that she posted following the episode.

She wrote: “It’s good to be back!!!!! Sorry to have fibbed to you all. This has been a tight lipped secret for four months!!

“I’ve had to drive in to the bbc in a hat, mask, sunglasses every day but it’s been worth it to see all your lovely tweets and comments”

She adds: “And getting to work with the amazing @therealdavood (Davood Ghadami) not to mention my lovely @bbcholbycity family again. I have missed them. The bitch is back and it’s going to be epic!! #jacisback #holbycity #icequeen"

An air of mystery clouded the start of Holby City's episode on 27 July as a pair of black heels walked across the hospital entrance. 

Holby City viewers were ecstatic to find out that it was in fact Rosie Marcel’s character Jac Naylor making her shock return seven months after it was revealed she was leaving, and the secret of who was going to replace Henrik Hanssen as NHS Improvement Director had finally been revealed.

In an early scene, a stunned Henrik says to Jac, “You? You’re the new Improvement Director?...I thought that you were finished with Holby?”

She goes on to explain: "I couldn't resist the chance to fix everything we both know is wrong with this place."

Rosie was flooded with positive comments by her followers on her Instagram post celebrating her unexpected return.

“I’VE NEVER BEEN SO HAPPY IN MY LIFE” one commented, and another with “Best news ever!!! It’s just not Holby without Naylor!!” Followed by, “What a fab surprise! So pleased to see you back. Was worth you fibbing!!! Can’t wait to see what Jac has up her sleeve for us all.”

Another responded with: “Back with a bang! Shame it won’t be for long though.”

Holby City continues on BBC1 (see our TV Guide for full listings).

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