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Holby City TOTALLY CANCELLED next week for this reason!

Holby City jac naylor returns
(Image credit: BBC)

Last week it was the Tories, now it's the footy to blame! And Holby City isn't on at all next week!

Holby City has been completely cancelled next week on BBC1 because of the football.

The hugely popular show was controversially dropped from the schedule last Tuesday to make way for the Conservative leadership debate show, Our Prime Minister, which was fronted by Emily Maitlis.

At least last week's episode was screened on the Thursday night. However, next week Holby City isn’t on at all!

The BBC hasn’t managed to find any space in its schedule for the hit show.

Sacha Levy in Holby City

Sacha's big episode was moved last week due to the Tory leadership debate

Next Tuesday evening, Holby’s traditional slot, the BBC is now showing the first Women’s World Cup semi-final. It's not been revealed yet when the episode will be shown.

Last week Holby fans reacted with a mixture of humour and anger to their favourite show being dropped for the Tory leadership debate.

“Strangest episode of Holby City ever!” quipped one fan. "They bumped Holby City for this..." complained another.

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This week's episode, which sees Fletch and Ange go on a hot date, is on Tuesday evening as normal at 8pm on BBC1.

We will update this story when we know when Holby City will be back on telly. Hopefully soon!