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Holby City's Marcus Griffiths: 'Zav roughs Cameron up - and gets SUSPENDED!'

Xavier Marcus Griffiths Holby W12
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Unable to take his 'golden boy' act any longer, Xavier exposes Cameron in Holby City… but he’s the one that gets into trouble, as Marcus Griffiths reveals…

After finding out Dr Cameron Dunn manipulated hospital porter Jason into covering for him over the lift incident, registrar Xavier ‘Zav’ Duval is more determined than ever to expose the junior medic for the fraud he is in Holby City.

Cam’s dark side was revealed to viewers last year when he let Chloe’s rapist husband Evan Crowhurst die in intensive care. So when it’s announced this week that insurers are examining Evan’s death, Zav (Marcus Griffiths) notices Cam (Nic Jackman) visibly on edge and makes it clear he’s onto him.

Holby City star Marcus Griffiths reveals more about Zav's suspicious mind...

When and why did Xavier first become suspicious of Cameron?

"Xavier has a natural distrust for Cameron’s outward demeanour, the way he is as a person and the way he conducts himself. Zav has always been very blunt in the way he assesses people and, at first, he took him at face value. But then Zav started to read more into the way things just don’t add up in terms of how Cameron takes credit for a lot of things Zav doesn’t think he’s capable of doing. And gradually, over time, it's become more personal."

Why is that?

"Well, there was the situation with Cameron and porter Jason (Jules Robertson) in the lift. Zav’s become close to Jason over the years, being his best man and everything, so he has a personal attachment to him. So his suspicions have been raised as to what really went on in the lift that day – was it ‘hero’ Cameron who really saved the patient?"

With the lift incident, why was Zav not convinced Cameron was the hero he was claiming to be?

"There’s a fundamental difference between being handed something and earning something. I know Zav’s a polarising character for the Holby viewers – he’s like Marmite, people either love him or hate him. But while he can be quite obnoxious, I do think there’s a moral centre to Zav, who sees a conceited, narcissistic and slightly sociopathic nature to Cameron. Zav trusts his own abilities and follows a good code of ethics, whereas he sees Cameron as a bit of a leech, someone who’s all about himself, who’ll risk the life of a patient for his own glory. That’s the paradox between the two of them."

Holby City Xavier confronts Cameron

Xavier (Marcus Griffiths) doesn't trust Cameron (Nic Jackman) as far as he can throw him...

Could there also be some jealousy there on Zav’s part?

"Possibly. Zav is certainly an ‘Alpha male’, who wants to be top dog and wants to be the best. Zav’s a registrar and Cam’s an F2, so there is a part of Zav personally that is threatened by this young upstart who’s taking all the glory."

In this week’s episode, insurers are probing into Evan Crowhurst’s death. Why does this make Zav even more suspicious of Cameron?

"Zav’s interest is piqued by Cameron’s continued obsession with Chloe, who was married to Evan. Zav wonders why he’s so invested in Chloe and he knows enough about the Chloe/Evan scandal to put two and two together..."

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Cameron realises Zav’s onto him – but Zav’s the one who ends up getting into trouble. What happens?

"Zav becomes so adamant that Cameron is a bad apple that there’s a physical confrontation between the two men in theatre, which is very aggressive, violent and obviously not protocol for being in the medical professional at all. So, because Zav roughs Cameron up, so to speak, he gets suspended by Ric!"

Xavier Holby Week 12

Xavier leaves Cameron in no doubt that he WILL find out what he's up to...

Surely Zav’s going to fight back?

"Oh yes. Now it’s REALLY personal. Zav becomes like the Sherlock Holmes of Holby as he tries to uncover all these secrets that he’s sure Cameron’s burying…"

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.