Holly Willoughby reveals the genius secret behind her 'This Morning' early rises

Holly Willoughby at ITV's Palooza
We finally know Holly Willoughby's hack to waking up for her early morning starts. (Image credit: Getty Images)

Holly Willoughby has revealed a brilliant trick on how she manages to get up for her early morning presenting stints on This Morning and it’s all thanks to a sunrise alarm clock!

On Tuesday’s episode of This Morning, Holly made the declaration during the show’s sleep segment where they discussed how to get a better night’s rest in 2022 with sleep expert Dr Guy Meadows.

Dr Guy Meadows said on the show that he believes that sleep is “the single most powerful health providing and performance-enhancing behaviour known to humankind.”

Holly announced: “I’ve got one of these alarm clocks that gradually gets lighter as you near to your alarm going off in the morning. So I guess it’s sort of like the sunrise really, it’s very bright.”

Dr Guy Meadows said he’s usually against gadgets in the bedroom, but a sunrise alarm clock can be a more gentle way of waking up and a natural way of gradually pulling us out of our sleep-wake cycle. He also revealed that it can help us wake up feeling more energised and refreshed. So now we finally know Holly’s secret on how she looks so fresh-faced in the mornings!

Rather than a blaring shrill from your alarm, the device works by emulating a natural sunrise that gradually gets lighter so that your body is woken up naturally by light.

Holly recently announced her excitement to host the brand new BBC show Wim Hof's Superstar Survival alongside Would I Lie To You captain Lee Mack and extreme athlete Wim "The Iceman" Hof.

Speaking about the show in a press release last year, Holly said: "I can't wait to team up with Lee and Wim on this show.

"Lee is a favourite in our house because he's so hilariously funny and I've been a fan of Wim for a long time — he's a genius who's incredibly passionate about helping others."

The show follows a group of celebrities as they embark on a journey of self-improvement, testing their mental strength in Europe’s harshest conditions. 

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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