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Home and Away's Sophie Dillman explains why Ziggy-Dean split is so sad

Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman) in Home and Away

Home and Away actress Sophie Dillman explains that Ziggy Astoni may have lost her 'one and only'

Summer Bay’s Ziggy Astoni and Dean Thompson are about to go through a sad break up, but actress Sophie Dillman revealed to that she’s relieved she still gets to see her  Home and Away (opens in new tab) co-star and boyfriend Paddy O’ Connor at home!

The actress has been playing garage mechanic Ziggy Astoni since 2017. After Ziggy was cheated on by husband Brody Morgan, she found love again with former River Boy Dean Thompson, while a real life romance blossomed at the same time between Sophie and Paddy.

Murder confession makes Ziggy ‘go numb’

With a suspicious Ziggy about to dump Dean for his recent behaviour, he confesses that he helped cop Colby Thorne (Tim Franklin) cover up a murder (opens in new tab) to get her to stay. It has the opposite effect and prompts a shell-shocked Ziggy to call things off!

Home and Away, Dean Thompson, Amber Simmons

An upset Dean heads straight to Amber for a sympathy snog after Ziggy break up!

“She knew something was up and the only reason she was thrown off the scent is because his son Jai arrived and everything kind of went by the wayside,” revealed Sophie.

“When he confesses she goes numb. How can you comprehend hearing that from the person that you love? And by telling her, she becomes a part of it, so there’s no good way out!

“He was her one and only!”

Little does Ziggy know, but Dean heads straight into the arms of his ex, Amber Simmons (Madeline Jevic) so it looks like Ziggy has been betrayed yet again…

Sophie loves working with Paddy

Life is still good for Sophie and Paddy, who knew each other at uni and were reunited when they joined the show.

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A photo posted by on

Sophie Dillman shared a sweet snap of her and boyfriend Paddy O'Connor on her instagram

“I am sad about Ziggy and Dean breaking up! But I live with Patrick, I get to see him a lot, it’s okay!” she shared.

“Aside from the fact that I date Paddy, he’s a really good acting partner and a good actor to be around, and I feel like I do better work when I’m with him. 

“Luckily enough on our show we have a lot of people that make you feel that way, it’s good to have new acting partners and challenges, but he’s my favourite!”

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