How to watch Missing

Storm Reid and Megan Suri in Missing
Storm Reid and Megan Suri in Missing (Image credit: Sony Pictures)

The 2018 thriller Searching has a surprise hit with both critics and audiences and now a spiritual sequel has arrived that audiences can watch, Missing, and it is drumming up similar praise. 

Like its predecessor, Missing tells its story almost entirely through the use of screen devices — laptops, phones, etc — using these technologies to help tell the story and provide the audience with key information. Can you make the experience even more meta and watch Missing on your laptop or phone? Or are those smaller screens going to be blown up for viewing on the big screen of a movie theater?

Here is what you need to know about how to watch Missing.

How to watch Missing in movie theaters

US audiences can watch Missing at their local movie theaters as of January 20 (January 19 if some early Thursday screenings are available), one of the first new 2023 movies. In the UK, movie fans are going to wait until February 24 for the movie to be released.

If you're looking for when and where Missing is playing near you, the best places to look are either on the website of your local movie theater or Fandango (opens in new tab), which provides all the information you need about where Missing is playing all across your area.

Movie tickets aren’t as cheap as they used to be, but if you want to help lessen the hit on your wallet for a trip to the movies then you should look into movie theater subscription and membership offerings. Provided by multiple US and UK theater chains, these services allow consumers to sign up for subscriptions or membership to receive discounted and movie tickets, as well as deals on concessions, for a monthly fee (with some free options).

Is Missing streaming?

Though it would seem like a movie that plays out entirely on mobile screens would be perfect to watch on your own device, Missing is not available for streaming as of right now. 

The movie is getting an exclusive run in movie theaters, probably for about 30-45 days, though no official word has been said about when the movie will make its move to streaming or digital on-demand.

We'll keep this page updated as info on Missing's streaming details become available.

What else to know about Missing

Missing stars Storm Reid (Euphoria) as a young woman who goes searching for her mother, using the tools that are available to her online. Nia Long, Joaquim de Almedia, Ken Leung and Amy Landecker also star. The movie is directed by Nicholas Johnson and Will Merrick, who also wrote the screenplay.

As of its release, Rotten Tomatoes (opens in new tab) has the movie as 84% "Fresh."

Check out the trailer for Missing directly below:

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