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How to watch Mulan online with Disney Plus - see the live action movie

How to watch Mulan online with Disney Plus

Here is everything you need to know about the new live-action Mulan movie...

We all know there's no shortage of entertainment on Disney Plus UK, but September is set to bring even more new releases available to stream direct to your living room.

Probably the biggest release for this month is the new live-action film Mulan - and this is a release with a difference. And the good news is Mulan has now been released!

Here is everything you need to know about how to watch Mulan online...

When is Mulan available to watch in the UK?

Mulan Disney Plus

Mulan will be available to watch this week (Picture: Disney Plus)

Mulan is available to stream on Disney Plus in both the UK and the US on September 4th. So you can now watch the film, which sees a fearless young woman risk everything out of love for her family. Disney previously turned Mulan into an animation back in 1998. The trailer looks great...

How can I watch Mulan on Disney Plus?

Unlike new releases like Frozen 2 and Hamilton, which are included in the usual Disney Plus subscription, you will only be able to access Mulan though Premier Access.

Disney Plus subscribers will have the chance to watch the film by purchasing Mulan via Premier Access for a one off fee of £19.99.

This additional fee will be on top of the usual monthly subscription fee of £5.99.

If you want to watch Mulan this weekend but don't already have a Disney Plus subscription, head to the Official Disney Plus website to sign up.

Will I be renting or buying the film? 

Mulan Disney Plus

Spend the weekend watching the new live-action remake of a Disney classic (Picture: Disney Plus)

Once you have got Premier Access to Mulan, the movie is then yours to watch as many times as you like, on any platform with an active subscription, for the entire time you're a Disney Plus subscriber.

It will also be made available via in-app purchasing on streaming services such as Apple TV, Google and Roku.

At the moment, Mulan is being released through Premier Access on Disney Plus. But Mulan will be available to all Disney Plus subscribers on 4th December at no additional cost.