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HUGE conflict in Emmerdale leads to THIS shock exit next week?


Is Nate Robinson about to leave the village?

Next week's Emmerdale sees Cara Robinson and Tracy Metcalfe clash over Nate Robinson's wellbeing, but could their catfighting lead to Nate making a huge decision about his future?

Emmerdale fans have watched Nate and Tracy find romance recently, and while their relationship might still be in the early stages, there is no denying there is plenty of chemistry between the two.

Cain threatens Nate in Emmerdale

Cara hasn't been happy about Nate being in Emmerdale since he arrived (Picture: ITV)

However, Cara hasn't taken too kindly to Tracy, believing she isn't good enough for her son, leaving the women at odds with one another about what is best for Nate.

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Viewers will know that Cara is back in the village after Nate was accidentally shot by his estranged dad, Cain Dingle, while out on patrol for rustlers on the farm with Moira.

But while Nate might have been raced in for a life-saving operation thanks to the gunshot wound, the drama has brought Nate and Cain closer together for the first time since the news they were related was revealed.

Nate shot by Cain in Emmerdale ITV

Nate was recently shot by Cain, leaving Cara even more determined to get him away from the village (Picture: ITV)

Cara has never made any secret of the fact she doesn't trust the Dingles and hates her son living in the same village as them.

However, her dislike for the family has multiplied since she arrived back for her second stint in the village, and this time she is determined to take her son with her when she leaves.

But with Nate and Tracy's romance still flourishing, will Nate leave with his mum?

Next week sees Cara and Tracy clash again, putting Tracy's nose well and truly out of joint.

But when Nate points out to his mum that she is treating Tracy in the same way that the Dingles did with her all those years ago, Cara is given food for thought.

Tracy's upset in Emmerdale

Next week sees Cara and Tracy clash over Nate (Picture: ITV)

But while Tracy is pleased when Cara finally apologises for her behaviour, it seems that's not the end of the drama because Tracy is alarmed when Cara drops the bombshell that she is leaving Emmerdale and intends to persuade Nate to come with her.

Will Nate listen to his mum? Or is this another of Cara's demands that Nate will ignore?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.