'I told Jenny to get lost when she asked me to go on Gogglebox!' says best pal Lee

Since joining the show in series four, best friends Jenny and Lee have become firm favourites with Gogglebox viewers all over the country.

The pals, who met nearly 20 years ago when Jenny was the landlady of Lee’s local pub, love nothing better than watching TV together on the sofa, but they nearly didn’t make it on to the show.

“I was at the races with my friend and she got talking to a young girl who worked for Gogglebox,” says Jenny. “I told her it was my favourite show and I'd love to be on it and she asked for my number and a fortnight later she rang me back!”

The Gogglebox team arranged a meeting with Jenny and when they asked her to bring someone along with her she picked her daughter – but when the big day came her daughter was ill.

“It was Lee’s day off so I rang him up and he was still in bed,” explains Jenny. “I said ‘please just come over Lee, I need your help!’ I didn’t have to explain why, but I told him I’d tell him when he arrived.

“The first thing he said when he got here was ‘What’s Gogglebox?’ I told him it was my favourite TV programme and there was some people coming to meet me to see if I could be on it. I said ‘Please Lee, please just come and help me out!’”

But Lee took some convincing before he agreed to come to the meeting…

“At first I told her to get lost!” says Lee. “But she talked me round and the people from the show were really nice and we had a good laugh, so they put me at ease.

“I think they liked us because we are just real and we bounce off each other.”

Gogglebox screens on Channel 4 on Fridays


Sean Marland
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