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I’m A Celebrity star Shane Richie reveals surprise story about his first day on EastEnders

Shane Richie I'm A Celebrity
Shane Richie I'm A Celebrity

I'm A Celebrity fans have seen Shane in a new light...

I'm A Celebrity campmate Shane Richie shared a special story about his first day on EastEnders with his fellow campmates last night.

Since arriving in the Welsh castle, Shane has been keeping everyone entertained by telling stories about his career while sitting around the campfire.

Shane Richie I'm A Celebrity

Shane has been entertaining his campmates with tales from his career (Picture: ITV)

As well as dropping names of all the famous people he has met, Shane has also admitted there have been some serious lows during his time in the entertainment business.

After admitting that he had failed to land an audition for the Mr Tumble movie recently, Shane has now been sharing moments from his time on EastEnders.

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Perfect timing 

Soap fans will know that Shane joined the EastEnders cast as Alfie Moon back in 2002, which Shane said couldn't have come at a more perfect time.

"We have got this great character, we're looking for a 6 foot cheeky Londoner, and so my manager put me up for it.

Shane Richie I'm A Celebrity

Shane spoke about landing the role of Alfie Moon on EastEnders (Picture: ITV)

"I remember going in, and Gary Beadle, Letitia Dean and Dean Gaffney were all in the Queen Vic, and they kept saying 'you've got this Shane, it's yours'.

"But by the time I got to the gates my manager calls and told me they didn't think I was right for the part.

"Then they asked me back and wanted me to do some improv on a family that they're working on.

"Tony Jordan (EastEnders writer) who created the Slaters was a big fan of John Sullivan (Only Fools and Horses writer) and so I kept going back.

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Shane has played Alfie Moon in EastEnders since 2002 (Picture: BBC) (Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

"We went on a family holiday, and I'm bankrupt because of this film that I invested in, so I'm selling the house, selling everything I've got. I'd lost everything.

"The phone goes and my manager tells me that EastEnders want me and I started getting teary.

"He told me 'they've got this character called Alfie Moon, your first episode you are going to come in and take over the Queen Vic' and I just started crying."

Blast from the past 

However the real surprise story came when Shane talked about his first day on the EastEnders set, and it turned out the director at the time happened to be someone he'd met years before...

"Jump back to the 80s and I'm working as a warm up on the Late Late Breakfast Show," Shane told Victoria and the other campmates.

Shane Richie

Shane told everyone a heart-warming story about a runner he worked with in the 80s (Picture: ITV)

"There is this runner who is making cups of tea for people, and someone shouted at her so I made her a cup of tea.

"Then I got to EastEnders, it is my first episode and they ask if I want to go and meet the director.

"I'm so nervous but I come round the corner and the director hands me a cup of tea and it's her!"

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