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Is THIS the clue that leads to Emmerdale’s David discovering the truth about Maya and Jacob?

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Next week's Emmerdale sees David find a huge clue that could lead him to discovering that Maya's been grooming his son...

Emmerdale fans have seen evil Maya Stepney grooming teenager Jacob Gallagher over the last few months, with the pair getting closer and closer by the day.

But next week sees yet another twist in the sinister tale when David almost catches the pair together... leading to him unearthing a huge clue about their 'relationship'.

Jealous Jacob desperately tries to stop David and Maya's date night once again next week, this time telling his dad that Priya needs a babysitter for little Amba.

Jacob ruins date night for David and Maya in Emmerdale

Jacob ruins date night for David and Maya

Guilt-tripping his dad into helping Priya out, Jacob's plan works a treat when he ends up getting Maya all to himself.

She's fuming when she realises that she is second best for David once again, and heads out on a mission to make herself feel better by sleeping with Jacob at the village hall.

Once there, it doesn't take long for Maya to turn on the charm and Jacob to fall under her charm... but what they don't realise is that David has worked out that Jacob deliberately sabotaged his date night and is heading over to the village hall.

Maya becomes jealous and heads out on a mission to sleep with Jacob in Emmerdale

Jealous Maya is on a mission to sleep with Jacob

As David arrives the forbidden pair spring apart and Maya is forced to hide as David confronts his son... but while David might not have seen them together, that doesn't mean they're in the clear.

Full of panic over what he was about to do, Jacob takes his guilt out on David, lashing out about the fact he never puts his kids first.

David is thrown by Jacob's outburst and hurt by his words. But he soon has more pressing things to think about when he finds Maya's earring on the floor in the village hall.

David finds one of Maya's earrings on the floor in Emmerdale

Will David put two and two together?

With the lies mounting up, how is Jacob going to talk his way out of this one?

Is David about to finally discover what sickening things his girlfriend has been up to behind his back?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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