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It’s been TEN years since THIS landmark episode of EastEnders - do you remember it?

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Here is what happened in EastEnders a decade ago...

Ten years is a long time in soapland... but sometimes there are storylines that you just never forget.

This week marks a decade since EastEnders Peggy Mitchell married Archie Mitchell in their ill-fated wedding that ended in tragedy as Danielle Jones got run over by Janine Butcher's speeding car.

The episode started with Peggy getting ready to marry Archie, but with his controlling ways more prominent than ever, she spent a long time sitting in the car outside the church before going in.

As she told her son Phil about the ways that Archie manipulated her, it seemed for a moment that she wouldn't go through with the wedding.

However, she finally made it down the aisle and the pair got hitched... but that wasn't the end of the drama for the day.

Later on, Danielle tried to tell Ronnie that she was her mum... news that didn't go down well.

EastEnders fans will remember that Archie had lied to Ronnie that her baby that he made her give away had died, and she has carried that guilt with her throughout her whole life.

But as Danielle tried to convince Ronnie that she was her daughter, Ronnie was adamant that she was lying and threw her out of The Vic.

It was only when she found the locket with her picture from when she was little in it that Ronnie realised Danielle was telling the truth.

Back when Ronnie gave her baby away, she also gave her little daughter a locket matching one that she wore every day - and the fact that Danielle had the locket meant she must have been the baby she gave away all those years ago.

However in a tragic twist, their reunion wasn't to be a happy one.

Just as Ronnie chased after Danielle to tell her that she believed she was her daughter, disaster struck in the form of Janine Butcher and her speeding car.

Before the newly reunited mother and daughter could say all the things they'd waited years to say, Danielle was hit by Janine's car and died in Ronnie's arms, leaving her devastated.

When Peggy overheard an argument between Archie and Ronnie, she realised exactly what sort of man she had just married, leaving their wedding day in tatters and the Mitchell family broken once again.