Jeremy Clarkson has cheap week! Find out how much the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire contestants have won between them all – clue, not a lot! And the questions they couldn’t answer!!

Jeremy Clarkson has cheap week! Find out how much the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire contestants have won between them all – clue, not a lot! And the questions they couldn’t answer!!
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Highest amount anyone has won so far this week is £32,000. Jeremy Clarkson has had to pay out not a lot so far...

When Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? returned this week, everyone was looking forward to Jeremy Clarkson congratulating a millionaire winner.

But the contestants have been generally hopeless and so far ITV has had to pay out a pathetically paltry total of just £96,000!

The contestants have shown a remarkable ability to throw away money, with loads of them blowing a potential big win - most memorably in the case of Lynn who blew £31,000 with a bad guess - to win just a grand! The highest amount anyone has won so far is £32,000 (two people).

Here's what the contestants have won and the questions that stumped them....

Episode 1 – Jeremy writes out total cheque for just £10,000

Contestant 1: Ricky Holmes won £8,000 – took money.

Ricky Millionaire

Ricky was a victim of Jeremy's wicked humour, but he turned out to be one of the better ones!

Question that stumped Ricky: Which term means a dry wind blowing from North Africa, that picks up moisture crossing the Mediterranean?

A: Mistral B: Sargasso C: Pampero D: Sirocco

Correct answer: D: Sirocco

Jeremy quipped: "You haven’t done terribly well [little did Jeremy know what was to come], but you have won enough, let's be honest, in Yorkshire, to buy a house!”

Contestant 2: Heather Wride won £1,000 – Got £2,000 question, below, wrong!

Q: Vitamin B9 is also known by which of these names?

A: Riboflavin B: Folic acid C: Biotin D: Thiamin

Heather said Riboflavin but the correct answer was Folic acid. D’oh!

Contestant 3 David Fraser won £1,000 – messed up £2,000 question, below…

David Fraser

David had a shoe horror

In Greek mythology, who is the Goddess of Victory?

A: Umbro B: Reebok C: Adidas D: Nike

David guessed Umbro but the correct answer was Nike!

Episode 2 – Jeremy pays out total on second night of £48,000

Contestant 4: David Reis won £32,000! Took the money after realising he didn’t know the following question…

In the Bible, which land is said to be ‘east of Eden’?

A: Nineveh B: Nod C: Nazareth D: Nimrud

Correct answer: Nod

Contestant 5: Louise Gourley won £16,000 – stumped by the following…

The jazz musician Dave Brubeck was best known for playing which instrument?

A: Piano B: Double bass C: Trumpet D: Drums

Louise guessed Trumpet, but the answer was Piano.

Episode three – Jeremy pays out £33,000

Contestant 6: Tom Holmes – won £32,000! Sensibly took the money because he didn't know…

Margaret Thatcher’s university tutor Dorothy Hodgkin won a Nobel Prize in which field?

A: Physics B Chemistry C: Economic Sciences D: Peace

Correct answer: Chemistry

Contestant: 7: Sarah Wilkinson only won £1,000 – dropped £7,000 after getting this wrong…

Jeremy Clarkson: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire board game with two people who were actually billionaires!

Jeremy Clarkson tried to help, but failed

In Rene Magritte’s portrait The Son of Man, the subject wears what type of hat?

A: Bobble B: Beret C: Bowler D: Boater

Sarah guessed beret but the answer was bowler!

Episode Four – Jeremy pays out only £3,000!!

Contestant 8: Chris Best (started previous night) won £1,000. Got £4,000 question wrong…

Who is the Roman Catholic patron saint of hopeless causes?

A: St Jude B: St Julian C: St Jerome D St Jeremy

Chris made the horrendous guess that the answer was St Jeremy (why?) when it was St Jude.

Contestant 9: Lynn Buckingham won just £1,000 after spectacularly ignoring her husband’s advice, thus dropping £31,000 as she got this wrong….

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In 2016, whom did Boris Johnson succeed as Foreign Secretary?

A: Liam Fox B Philip Hammond C: Kenneth Clarke D: William Hague

Lynn guessed Hague, correct answer was Hammond!

Contestant 9: Amy Bordas won just £1,000. Got £2,000 question wrong…

The Balearic Islands form a province of which country?

A: Spain B: Italy C: France D: Greece

Amy used her 50/50 and still got the wrong answer! Correct answer was: Spain

Episode 5 - Jeremy pays out just £2,000

Contestant 10: Mustafa Ahmed won just £1,000, dropping £7,000, after getting the £16,000 question wrong…

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In the 1960s TV series Thunderbirds, which vehicle was used for underwater missions?

A: Thunderbird 1 B: Thunderbird 3 C: Thunderbird 4 D: Thunderbird 5

Mustafa went for Thunderbird 5, correct answer was Thunderbird 4!

Contestant 11: Emma Graham won a £1,000, dropping £7,000 after getting this wrong….

Which of these elements is metallic?

A: Neon B Cobalt C: Phosphorus D: Chlorine

Emma gambled and went for Phosphorus… but answer was Cobalt!!!


Millionaire continues...

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