Jodie Comer teases 'very James Bond' boat scene in 'Killing Eve'

Jodie Comer as Villanelle in Killing Eve
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Killing Eve season 4 is on the way, and Villanelle star Jodie Comer has teased some big moments, including a scene that sounds like it's straight out of a James Bond film!

The fourth and final season will explore Villanelle's complicated dynamic with Eve Polastri, played by Sandra Oh. The duo has been through a lot throughout the course of the series, and it looks like the drama is only escalating as Killing Eve prepares to go out with a bang.

The hugely popular star says there are some "lovely" moments as well as high-octane ones for fans to enjoy.

Jodie reveals: "Sandra and I have actually had some lovely moments this season. We had a tender moment with a box of curly fries. We were filming on a boat a couple of weeks ago, and we got the giggles because I had to drive the boat on the wide, which I did, to my surprise. 

"And there was lots of wind, and it was very James Bond. And then when we came in for the close-ups, they had to maneuver the boat slowly, so there was no wind in my hair. But we had to act like the boat was going fast, which was absurd and hilarious."

Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh) and Villanelle (Jodie Comer) from 'Killing Eve' season 4.

(Image credit: BBC)

She added: "And then, of course, when it came round to her close-up the wind picked up and she looked like she was flying through the air. So we’ve had lots of little silly moments like that."

Jodie also spoke about how it was "nice" that they were able to film some more relaxed scenes, after fans have seen some pretty intense moments between the duo such as Eve stabbing Villanelle, and them ultimately developing a confusing and dangerous obsession with one another. 

She continued: "It’s so nice when, in the later seasons, our characters have been afforded to relax a little bit more with each other, and they’re not coming at each other with aggression or suspicion. There’s been a real shift, which has been nice for us to experience, and probably bring more of ourselves into it."

Killing Eve premieres on Feb. 27 in the US on BBC America, and in the UK it airs a day later on Feb. 28 on BBC iPlayer. 

Episodes will also be available on-demand, with the previous three seasons available to watch now on iPlayer. 

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