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Kathy unveils The Prince Albert in EastEnders – Walford’s first gay bar

Kathy Beale opens Prince Albert in EastEnders

Kathy bought the bar after flogging the necklace Ben gave her for a small fortune

EastEnders has revealed that Kathy Beale will soon be flinging the doors open to Walford’s first ever gay bar, The Prince Albert.

The soap declared that “EastEnders will be the first soap to have a gay bar amongst its permanent sets”.

Kathy recently found out that the necklace that Ben gave her was worth a small fortune, which enabled her to get the lease for the bar. She'll be seen making plans for it in Friday's episode.

After having a long think, Kathy eventually dreams up the name The Prince Albert for the boozer, which looks set to become a big part of the show.

However, could there be murder on the dancefloor? Well, EastEnders teased that boozers in Walford, like The Queen Vic and E20, have had a dramatic and often bloody past.

The soap said: “From a simple pint over the head to numerous affair reveals and even murder, Walford watering holes are often very dangerous places.”

One of the most famous boozer deaths in EastEnders was of course when Archie Mitchell (Larry Lamb) was whacked over the head by the bust of Queen Victoria in The Vic, sparking the who killed Archie plot. We wonder who might get bumped off in The Prince Albert?!

EastEnders continues on BBC1.