EastEnders spoilers: Louise Mitchell makes a shock confession to Sharon!

EastEnders Louise Mitchell and Sharon Mitchell
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Sharon is concerned when Louise tells her a big secret, Kathy makes Tina an offer she can’t refuse, and Callum worries that Ben knows more than he should.

Karen is furious to learn that Dennis Mitchell was behind the attack on Chatham and Riley and she races round to the Mitchells’ to have it out with them. Gray comes with Karen and stands up to Phil, leaving Karen touched by her son-in-law’s concern.

After Karen leaves, Sharon shares her worries with Phil that Karen was right about Dennis. Phil agrees to have a word with Dennis but Dennis claims he had nothing to do with the attack. As Dennis walks out, however, he shoves Louise hard and Sharon confesses to Phil that Dennis has hit her. An angry Phil confronts Dennis and gives him a severe telling off for his actions, while Sharon apologises to Karen. Later, Sharon finds Louise crying and manages to pry the truth from her. Louise confesses she’s still pregnant. Sharon is stunned!

Kathy starts to make plans for the gay bar at The Albert and she enlists Ben and Tina’s advice. After Kathy makes a few suggestions they are both taken aback at how clueless she is! Kathy makes Tina an offer and a comment by Tina gives Kathy an idea about what to call the new bar.

EastEnders Ben Mitchell and Callum Highway

Ben has a run in with Callum

Callum sorts out getting a new van from Ben. When Ben mentions to Callum that he saw him hurting himself a few weeks ago Callum is alarmed that he was spotted. Although rattled, Callum surprises Whitney with the van and she is delighted.

Also, Linda confesses to Shirley that Ollie hit Dennis. Will Shirley give Linda some advice?

EastEnders continues on Monday at 8.00 pm

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