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Kitten Rescue With Jo Brand - all you need to know about the C5 feline series!

Kitten Rescue with Jo Brand
(Image credit: Five)

Jo Brand loves hosting the series!

Kitten Rescue With Jo Brand is retuning to Channel 5 for a second series.

It will again see the hugely popular comedian track the RSPCA on their mission to save cats and rehome them.

When does Kitten Rescue With Jo Brand start?

Kitten Rescue With Jo Brand will begin on Channel 5 on Thursday 19th November at 7pm.

What happens in the series?

In the first episode we follow two fire crews as they attempt to rescue a kitten who has fallen into a river and become trapped in a storm drain. We also see Jo help out when a kitten needs treatment after breaking its leg falling from a four-storey balcony. Jo is also seen in the first episode hand-feeding some kittens including one called Stumpy, who only has three legs.

“This week, one of the RSPCA inspectors is called out to a cat that has been chained to a high fence [if Simon, as he’s later named, were to jump down, the chain would strangle him]. I just can’t understand why someone would do such a horrible thing to a poor cat,” says Jo.

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Is Jo Brand a cat fan?

Jo Brand cuddling a kitten

Jo Brand shows off her softer side on Kitten Rscue

Oh yes! The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice host loves little kittens. She admits she also likes to do the series because fans get to see her in a new light.

“I like to do things that go slightly against the grain of people’s expectations and I’m not exactly fluffy, am I? But I quite like that. Just like I love cats. I always have done – ever since I was given a kitten for Christmas when I was four and it promptly escaped, ran up the chimney and wouldn’t come down!”

She adds: “This has turned out to be one of my favourite jobs, not just because of the cats – which are wonderful – but because of the people I’ve been lucky enough to meet. As you can probably imagine, they’re all incredibly kind and genuinely nice, from people working in animal sanctuaries to the amazing, life-saving RSPCA vets. It’s been life-affirming and an absolute pleasure to meet them all.”

How many parts is the new series?

Six. And if you miss an episode you can catch up on video-on-demand service My5.

Kitten Rescue With Jo Brand begins on Channel 5 on Thursday 19th November at 7pm.